Friday, March 05, 2010

Pineapples & Sesame Noodles

Okay, I just cannot stand idly by and wait for that pattern so...

So Pretty Pineapple Afghans, Leisure Arts #3116
By Ann Halliday (Six patterns)

I'm making the afghan on the cover called Welcome.  I started this at a little before 4:00 today.  I got all 7 bottom points done and crocheted together in about 2 hours.

Now it's just back and forth until it's the length I want, and then I'll make the top points.  (I think that's how it goes anyway.)

This was one of the very first crochet pattern books I bought many years ago, and I have never had the nerve to try to tackle one of them.  I saw a few of these on Ravelry last night and decided to give it a whirl while I wait for the one from Mary Maxim.

By the way, I didn't order the kit.  I'm just getting the pattern and don't know what color or yarn type I'm going to use yet.  My friend in North Carolina made two of these and is dying for me to make one too.  She's made notes about the pattern and is sending them to me along with her yarn recommendation.  Evidently, she had to make some changes to the pattern to keep the afghan from puckering.  If she recommends the same yarn as the pattern does, Mary Maxim Starlight, I'll order it in coral and wait for it to come in.  Otherwise, I don't know yet what colors will be available until I know the type of yarn.

Tonight's Dinner

The Garden Bell's Sesame Noodles!

I'll ask her if it's okay to post the recipe, otherwise you'll have to wait for her to do it.  It's REALLY good!



  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    You have a friend in NC? I'm from NC, too! I've been following your blog for some time now. =] I just love to crochet. =]

  2. its awful when you feel like crocheting and have nothing you want too make. Your start is fabulous. I thought you ordered the kit . Thanks for your response.

  3. Both look scrumptious!

  4. Ohh that is really pretty. I love anything with the pineapples in it..Your dinner looks very very good too! Yummy :-)~

  5. OOoooo! pretty pattern and yarn color! Love it!

    Those noodles sure look good. Yum!

  6. The afghan looks stunning,well done. :)
    The noodles look delicious. (don't tell my DD, she LOVES pasta of any kind !)

  7. Yum. We have some in the frig down here. I brought the sauce from home and so all we had to do was get the greens and noodles. Please, please feel free to post the recipe, as I don't have it here with me. Your's is looking pretty delish. I might need a snack later.

    Another long day with Scooter's {John Candy Cousin}, a birthday dinner with them all tomorrow and then to his mom's AGAIN on Monday. I'm on family and miss, miss my quiet time. Weather is improving, so that's nice.

    Now, I'm totally loving your new endeavor. It's making me a little nervous. Keep me posted how it goes. I'll need to move up a level after a month of ripplin' my way through Florida.

    Glad you are enjoying the noodles. Isn't it sooooo easy and tastie too.

    Laying low with my hook tonight.

    Kate - TGB


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