Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's Picture Day

A Scientist, a Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness
The book I'm currently reading.  I'm only 2-3 chapters in, but I'm enjoying it.

Sweet Abbey is getting so old.  Her face is so white now.  She's almost completely deaf, and she can't see very well either. 
She's so goofy.  She never did grow up mentally.
I love her.

Have you seen the special edition of Crochet Today that's out?  Be careful if you pick it up.  It's more expensive than a regular magazine at $9.99.  I'm hoping it's worth the money for the patterns inside.  I'll let you know if you want to wait until I read mine.  I spy a ripple on the front cover.

The other two are crochet pattern books.  (No!  Really?)
Yes, really.

I love these two giant metal flowers.
I'm going to hang them on the fence in the backyard.

I have looked several different places in the past two weeks for this type of nail polish remover in the jar.  Hardly anybody carries it anymore apparently.  I found this one at Target.  They also had some in Sally Hansen's brand.  I've decided that I like this kind better than using a bunch of cotton balls.  Of course, I still have to for my toenails, but it's the way to go for fingernails.

Tip of the Day

I bought one of these brushes because they used one at the salon where I got my manicure on Saturday.  Dip it in remover and clean up all your goof-ups on your fingers and toes.  It's way easier than using Q-tips which always get hairy cotton all over my wet nails.  I don't know why I ever used them.

This soap smells fantabulous!  Burnt Brown Sugar & Karite Butter, whatever that is.  It sounds like something Superman would use.  (I just looked it up and it's the same thing as Shea Butter.  They were trying to trick us into thinking it was something exotic and different.)
It says it's an "exfoliating bar."  I wonder if that means it'll be grainy?


The whole reason I got out was to pick up my prescriptions at CVS.  When I got there, the drive-thru was packed and I wasn't about to wait or go inside.  I'll have to go back later.  Hmpf!

On the way home, I stopped at the Whataburger drive-thru and got a Whataburger Jr. with cheese and a small Coke.  They have the best burgers.  It was great.

That's it for me today.
Aloha, my friends.


  1. I bought that special edition of Crochet Today and I was a bit surprised at my bill at Hobby Lobby until I checked it and saw how much the magazine was. Pretty patterns inside though and there is one I like but it is made of squares and hexagons and sewing them together isn't one of my favorite things!

  2. I'm BacK... Scooter is on his way home.

    Whataburger. I forgot all about those. We don't have them at home, but....they are down here. Already, know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow. One of my favs... Thanks for the reminder.

    Should be getting more back to normal now. I'm taking a 48 hours break from all in-law family. Heading out with my camera tomorrow to see what I can find.

    Love those metal flowers. Found local or at Target. I might need some of those beauties.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  3. Abbey looks lovely :-)


  4. Wish we had Whataburgers where I live. I miss those and now I'm going to be thinking about one the rest of the evening!

  5. Have you ever tried sticking your toes in the nail polish jars? I continue to try (stupid stupid) I don't reccomend it..
    The brush looks like the one I foolishly paid $20 for at Bobbie Brown. What the hell got into me??
    Abbey is beautiful! She is growing old gracefully. Speaking of beautiful... I have another award for you over at my place! Beautiful Blogger award. Come by when you can!


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