Thursday, March 25, 2010

Innocent Until Proven Guilty...


I love that green color.  It's Hobby Lobby's ILTY in Pistache.  I bought all they had, but I'll be looking for more.  The peach is a baby yarn.  I have plans for both, but not until I finish a few other things first.

I should be finishing up Annie's Lace Throw this week.  I'll be starting the border's a big border and might take a couple of nights to finish.  Can't wait to see it finished and show you my big Ta-Dah.

This is a rotary cutting tool and cutting mat I got at Walmart for cutting strips of material for the wreaths.  I got a blister from cutting them with scissors.  We can't have that.  My mother suggested I go get one of these.  My grandmother used one all the time for quilting.

"What?  I'm not doing anything in here in the bathroom all by myself."


  1. Oh, love those colors. Right now Hobby Lobby has $4.95 shipping on your entire order. I've got to pop over and pick up some colors myself tonight.


  2. I saw a lady walking her Papillion in the neighborhood today. Her's wasn't nearly as photogenic as Eli! :)

  3. So, you've been to H.L... are you trying to make me jealous down here in NON-Yarn country. Seriously, Fl. needs to get a clue.

    Nothing like a new rotary cutter to save your hands. Make sure to keep the blade sharp too.

    I see nothing wrong with a little alone time in the Johnnie.

    Up way too early to head out and shell after last nights storm. I'm sure there will be a long nap in order this afternoon.

    Happy Weekend,

  4. Pistachio gorgeous colour - looking forward to seeing what you make with it! Rotary cutter sounds like a very sensible idea!

  5. nice! I also like the mat and rotary cutter. Very interesting, might have alook into one the next time I visit the USA.

  6. Oh I love those colors too they are beautiful. What a great picture of Eli looks like an angel until you turn around he will find his next toy to play with. They are like kids trying to push Mom's buttons. Take care my friend.


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