Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm All Pink

I wanted a change with something a little happier.  This'll do for awhile.

This template came from Allie Brown.  She has instructions in the right-hand sidebar of her blog for using her templates.  But if you currently have a 2-column blog and want to use one of her 3-column templates, you'll need to read below and following those instructions first.

Also, I've had several comments about some people having problems switching to a three-column template for their blog.  Here are some terrific instructions for doing just that:  How To Switch to a 3-Column Blog

It works.  I switched back and forth between a two-column and a three-column this morning and had to use these instructions, so I know they work.  But don't ask me if you have problems.  I just followed the instructions and it worked.  I'm stumbling in the dark like most of the rest of you and learning as I go.  Good luck!


  1. very pink :-)

    & very nice :-)


  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    remind all to spring forward


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