Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello? Is Anybody There?

Why do I taste Pepto Bismol when I come here now?  Hmm...

I'm am SO screwing-off today instead of working like I should.  The day started off really well and I had my nose to the grindstone, but something went wrong when I took a break and I haven't done anything since.

I think I've just been sitting here because I certainly haven't gotten anything else done either.  Maybe a nap would revive me.

Nah.  I think I'll go crochet awhile instead.

What are y'all doing?  It sure has been quiet on the innernets lately.  It seems like nobody is crocheting or blogging much.  Snap to it, people!  You're dragging me down with you.


  1. COTTON CANDY!!!! not Pepto!

  2. I think it's the stupid time change that has everyone screwed up. I'm certainly lazy.

  3. Know what you mean. My crocheting is kind of at a standstill. I'm weaving in all the ends on my magicball afghan and it's taking forever! I did find some dishcloths I made and only had the ends to weave in so that is mission accomplished. I did take a long nap today of course my meds knocked me out and that's why I had such a nice nap. I'm getting geared up to start a spiderman ghan but I want the little odds and ends finished before I do. Take care and good luck!

    ps--I think everyone has spring fever lately and that's why blogging is slowing down for some.

  4. Well we are not napping here been doing some loom work making placemats and thinking about making matching sets of coasters and hot pads done on my different size hexagon looms. Found a few neat patterns but they will have to wait right now. We finally got sun nice temps after all the rain for a week and flooding in some area's. Well cheer up there thinking about you. Take care my friend.


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