Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Groceries & Poo

Just so you know...I did manage to do the grocery shopping and ALMOST finish the joining of that afghan before I pooped out.  I could still finish it, I guess, since it's only 2:45 pm.  I might suddenly have a burst of energy later.  You never know.

The Neighborhood Walmart grocery store where I shop was a fiasco.  It was pretty crowded and everybody was pissed off.  They have been rearranging the store for the last TWO WEEKS at least.  I have no idea why it's taking them so long.  It is NOT a big store.  If you have the little Neighborhood Walmarts where you live, you know how small they are.

Barnaby and I have both been bitching about what a mess it is and how it's taking them forever.  We both say we could have it done in one night shift, but they haven't managed to get it done in two freakin' weeks!

So all the customers were mad because they couldn't find anything, and all the empoyees were mad because they keep getting bitched at by customers who can't find anything, and they don't know where anything is either.  The air was thick with bad, angry energy in there, and I soak that stuff up from everybody like a sponge.  That's one of the main reasons I don't get out much.

By the time I got out of there and before I even got to my car, I was ripping open a bag of Twizzlers I bought and eating them without tasting a thing.  (Yes, I got the GIANT 2-POUNDER!)  I ate at least four of them before I started unloading my groceries, and I sat and ate many more after I unloaded them.  At least it wasn't candy bars or bread.

So now that I'm home and the groceries are all put up, I'm starting to feel much better and let all that angry energy go.

Except right after I typed that last sentence I turned around and saw a dried turd on the floor that one of the dogs drug in because I left the back door open, and I had to stop to pick it up and take it outside to the trash.

I will leave you to ponder the turd story and why I felt I had to tell it to you.  Does it make you feel better about your crappy life to hear about mine?  My life is really not crappy at all.  I like it...dried dog turds on the floor and all.


  1. Nothing like a bunch of Bi.chie customers in a Wal-Mart....it's even worse here in FL. as they are all Seniors and move way, way too slowly. Don't even get me started about how they drive.

    Twizzlers are the perfect cure. My fav. I actually get the 2lbs. as I like mine old and stale. I know, I know.

    Time to relax on the couch, what a day you have had. Turds on the floor....icks and that's a BIG ICKS....

    Relax and enjoy your evening.

    Just checking in with all as I eat half a key lime pie. Too die for.


  2. Hahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!

    I had a post that is somewhat similar called, "Welcome to my World." Check it out when you get a chance.

  3. I get the cat's hair balls...at at least they don't smell as much.
    didn't sleep much last night, so much frikking noise from the street, til 4 AM. go figure.
    hope you have good day. :)

  4. OH MY!! LOL~ I have tears rolling down my cheeks and my jaws hurt from laughing so hard. sorry. You just crack me up sometimes and thank you for that!!! I love that quote. My life is really not crappy at all. I like it..dried dog turds on the floor and all" I will steal that one day LOLOLOL.
    *big smiles*


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