Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Hanger


I used another version of the same basic pattern found HERE, and I still don't like it and it still wasn't wide enough to fit around the hanger without either stretching the crap out of it or adding more rows of sc to make it fit better.  It still looks like crap.

I've decided there just isn't a good pattern out there to be found and I'm going to have to just make my own.  So stand by and I'll work on it.

In the meantime...

This is the type of hanger I ended up buying.  After making a few tweaks with the wire cutters, it works great.

You'll need to cut the bottom wire so it looks like this:

Leave that bottom wire in kind of an L-shape.  That gives you something to hang onto with the pliers so you can pull the wire out of the wood.  Just a little twisting and pulling and you'll get it out.  The bottom hook comes out more easily.  Then you're left with a perfect hanger to cover however you like. 

Those eBay and Etsy sellers can keep their $10-each "vintage wooden hangers."  These were $6.99 for a pack of FIVE at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Yes!


  1. Well, honestly, I don't think your latest hanger looks "like crap"! I think it's quite pretty. I'm not sure I'm patient enough to spend all that time on something that will be hidden away and covered up in my closet. :)

  2. Girl, you are killing yourself with these hangers. But I know you can't stop until you get it just right. Thanks for sharing how you reworked them and for telling us where you got them so cheap. Good shopping my friend. Take care.

  3. That is so very cute!


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