Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Are you watching the Westminster Dog Show?  Tonight is the last night.  They are splitting it up between two channels again this year, which is really annoying.  But you can see the first hour on the USA channel and the last two hours on CNBC.

So far we have four group winners that will be in the finals:

Hound Group:  Whippet
Toy Group:  Poodle
Non-Sporting Group:  French Bulldog
Herding Group:  Puli

Tonight is the judging for the Sporting, Working, and Terrier Groups.  Then, of course, the final judging for Best in Show.  I can hardly wait!


  1. No, but I have watched in the past. I am into the Olympics right now and don't have Tivo or anyway to watch both.

  2. Hi Pammie Sue!!!

    Yes... Paul and I were watching it til it switched channels. I wish that poodle had not won the toy group. As usual, I'm all for the Maltese. I have a few others I like.

    Did you see that little Wiry Hair hound? A cute little thing. ( It was in the HOUND Group)

    ~ Susan

  3. We don't get it over here :-(

    But its Crufts over here soon :-)


  4. Yes...Thanks to your reminder...I am watching it. I swear..the poodle always gets in there somewhere. I know these things are pretty political...who you know and all that, but it's fun to see all those different breeds and kind of imagine which breed I'd like to have...

  5. Why did I know you would be watching this.

    My Dad called last night and their friends dog was the Bulldog that was in the finalle. I have seen that he did not win.

    Off and Running -

    Kate - xoxoxox


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