Thursday, February 11, 2010


I know some of you are not impressed,
but lookie what we got in Dallas today...

These pics were taken about 4 hours ago and it's been snowing non-stop ever since.  Last I heard the snowfall total was at 6.2 inches.  The old record for snowfall in a day was 1.4 inches.  That's a big jump there.

More coaster hearts.  So pretty.

I made this square today during a break from work.

Want the pattern for it?

Well, okay...

Flower Square

Pattern Link:  Yvestown
Go see her pretty blanket made from this pattern.

I used worsted weight acrylic yarn and a G hook.

Color one, round one - ch 4 - sl st in first ch (you now have a wee circle) - ch 3 (this is your first dc) - 11 dc in the circle (having a total of 12 dc's) - sl st in third chain of the first dc to join - cut.

Color two, round two - ch 3 between first and last dc of first round (this is your first dc), 1 dc in same space - 2 dc between each dc of first round - sl st in third chain of first dc to join - cut.

Color three, round three - ch 3 between first and last dc of second round (this is your first dc), 2 dc in same space - 3 dc between each dc group of second round - sl st in third chain of first dc to join - cut.

Now you have a 3-round circle.  Here's how to make your circle a square:

Attached desired color of yarn between your first and last dc of the circle and Ch 3 (this is your first dc), 2 dc in same space, ch 1, 3 dc between each 3dc group of previous round, making 3dc, ch 3, 3dc in same space for each corner.  Sl st in third chain of first dc to join - cut.


  1. Lucky you and your snow. It's been spittin' and sputterin' all day here, but nothing is really sticking. I wonder if it's because the temp has never dropped below 34 degrees, you think? :) That really is a lot of you guys, though. Get naked, go out and make Snow Angels! Dare ya!

  2. So, you know I'm one that's not too impressed by the snow. But, your house.. it's lovely. I can't wait to see your gardens this spring. Charming.

    Now I think I just block all 68 squares WRONG. I only put one pin the the corner not, two... icks. Do I have to do them all over. Or just live an learn. I mean this sweater is going no where in public. I might have to do another one with this flower center, if it turns out.

    Hang in there, your snow will be gone manana, right. Isn't pretty the first 3 hours when you don't have to go out. I haven't been out for 3 days now. But, tomorrow I may go on a journey, who knows where, but somewhere.

    We got to figure out how to do a sidebar to list things like this TUT to find quickly. Like Luc's side one. Any ideas?

    Time to get the plates ready, Scooter is bring home Chicken Gyros Salads for Survivor tonight.

    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3
    <3 = Heart
    <3 <3 <3 = Hearts
    Cool, Cool, Snow and TUT

  3. I love the cold and snow :-)

    Great pics


  4. I love your house the snow looks pretty there. I bet the fur babies love it. You want some more snow we have had over three feet here in Delaware expecting more snow on Monday I just want to share the wealth here. Love your hearts they really are pretty. I could see them inside a square to make a pillow or afghan too. I hope all is going better for you. Take care my friend.

  5. Oh Goodie! I'm so glad you posted pictures of your snow. Big Daddy and I were hoping you would. It's so pretty!

    Heart coasters and new square are pretty too. Love the color combos in the new square.

  6. I'm impressed. Your a lucky ducky. I miss having snow.

  7. I don't know which is prettier, the snow or the hearts.

  8. I bet the dogs are loving it! It is so fun playing with my pups in the snow! Dakota looks like a Merkat coz he is always standing on his back hinds to keep paws from being too cold. Bandit hops like a Kangeroo through the drifts and Riley likes to sit for awhile then ready to go back in!


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