Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nuttin' Honey

I just had to post and get that terrible title from yesterday out of here.

I've been busy with work and computer problems all day today.  There's nothing to post about anway.  There's no crocheting going on over here other than a few more of those hearts for my sister.  When I do get time, it'll be for the Wooleater.  I'm anxious to get more of him done.

We may get snow tomorrow.  I know a lot of you have gottten a lot and are sick of it, but it would be welcomed here.

That's it....BORING...Snoozeville here.


  1. I love your pretty heart and darling doggie cartoon on the left side of your blog. The cartoon made me laugh right out loud.


  2. Ah, you are never boring and yes, I am one of those who got lots of snow. 11 inches according to hubby who had to do the shoveling. We all need a break day once in a while. I am off now to work on the ripple. I just finished another hat.

  3. Yeah, I'm glad you got rid of that title too.... he-he.... So the wool-eater is a him... interesting... name yet.....

    How's about having snow last night and then getting woken up at 4am by an earthquake. We did wake up but could not figure out why. Weird. Everyone on our block woke up and was thinking it was something to do with a snowplower outside.

    Off to bed.

    Did you enjoy the noodles?

    Kate <3

  4. Hi Pammy Sue..yes Elmo is a cross l think in USA you call them Frenchbo's
    he's one of 8 pups belonging to my good friend Kathryn she has just starting to bread with her own dogs
    Bit hush hush 'cos she is terrified of info getting into the wrong hands Told her to do a doggy blog but she is too frightened for her dogs
    You would love to chat with her l'm sure
    Hugs Suz xx

  5. PS ooops Thanks for the good wishes for house move....sooooo excited can't wait hehe xx

  6. problems are the pits! Hope you get yours all worked out. Take a photo of the snow if you get some!

    Nothing new here....I've got some kind of crud...not exactly a cold but something. So, I'm taking part of the day off today.

  7. Ah Pammy Sue, I doubt it will stay boring for long at your house! I loved yesterday's post....I RELATED to Have a nice relaxing day!


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