Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I was completely blank when it came to title this entry, so I left it blank.  Y'all don't need a title every time, do you?

I finished two more squares while watching the big dog show the last two nights.  It's starting to go a little faster now.  I'm not making mistakes and having to rip out rounds like I was at the beginning.  This square is really fun to do.  I like doing the last three rounds the best, but the others are fun too.

I am in love with the Linen ILTY.  I just love the color of it, and it's so soft.  The dark brown is Red Heart because Hobby Lobby was out of the dark brown in their brand, dang it.  My nose itches every time  I edge these.  I'm sewing the whole thing together and making the border with it too.  I haven't decided what border I'm doing yet.  I'll find something fun that I've never done before.  The border is my favorite part.

Okay, dinner is about to burn if I don't pay attention. (Leftovers)  I started a crock pot full of beans and ham bones this morning, but they aren't done yet.  We needed to eat up the Taco Soup leftovers anyway.  We'll have beans & ham with cornbread tomorrow.  They're usually better when left overnight anyway.

See ya.


  1. These are turning out so pretty... can't wait to see it all finished and worked into an afghan.

  2. Real pretty squares! You were more productive than I was while watching the dog show. All I did was eat cookies.

  3. Hi the meal sounds yummy and love the square look forward to seeing it finished
    Hugs Suz x

  4. Can I come by for ham and beans? They are my most favorite ever. It reminded me I haven't made them this winter at all. (Jotting down on the grocery list right now.)

    Thank you for your suggestions of burial gowns. You are so thoughtful, Pam.

    Oh and send me some of that cornbread, okay? ;-)

  5. You are so fast at these. You have been at this hooking thing for a while, haven't you. This is going to turn out great. But, what happened to that WoolEater...yes, you are busted. Leftover Taco Soup, that doesn't really happen here.

    Off and running today. The granite countertop is going in and the plumbers are then doing all the faucets. Carpet yesterday.
    I'll send you an email with the other bomb that drop yesterday.

    Kate - xoxoxoxo

  6. those squares ae looking good, keep up the good work!


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