Thursday, February 04, 2010

I Want It

I REALLY want this badly.  And look!  Free shipping right now!

However, I am quite certain that as soon as I get one they will come out with a bigger (and by bigger I mean smaller) and better one, and the one I have will become obsolete and I won't be able to buy books for it anymore, and that would totally piss me off.

I'm also fairly certain that Eli would steal it and eat it for lunch within two days of its arrival, and that would totally piss me off too.  That damn Eli needs all of his teeth removed.

But really, is there anything that doesn't totally piss me off?  Hee.

I haven't done any research at all on it, but I hear that "books" are much cheaper in this form.

But if anybody out there has one they don't use and would like to get some of their money back, I would consider buying it from you.  Leave me a comment and your email address.  I will not publish it.  And I will not pay even close to full price, so don't even try that shit.

Was that too harsh?


Oooo, look!  A bigger and better one already!

Oh man, I REALLY want it.


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    its a waste of money, but seems very cool,

  2. Hi Pammy Sue, I am a lurker that reads your blog all the time! I bought a Kindle about a year ago and I gotta give it an A+, i have the second version of the original if that makes any sense, but not the new super slim one. Most popular books are 9.99 with a few best sellers at 14.99...there are tons of books for 99cents and even for free! tons of classics are free and they add more all the time. It is so worth the investment!

  3. I've been eyeing this up too. But, know it probably better to just save my pennies and go to the library.... It does look simple to use.

    Off to look at the code for your button on my scroller.... I'll try to get it fixed today....but, first still getting ready for the "MOM" visit this afternoon.


  4. They use to call them book readers. then they disappeared from the market and now they are back as Kindles. I have always wanted one too.

  5. Fixed you link on my scroller... It was the ' and - that was over. Just one sillie typo...

  6. Okay....I'm totally out of the loop...have no idea what a "kindle" is and have never heard of it. I hate it when I'm out of touch!

  7. I've wanted one, too, just because I like gadgety things. A lady I work with absolutely loves hers. Her only complaint is that it's "so damn easy to spend too much money!" :) She lives out in the country and finish a book during the weekend, and rather than wait until Monday to visit Wal-Mart, she pops online and orders through Amazon. Yeah, I can see how that might get expensive. But, she said she doesn't know how she ever lived without it!

  8. Pammy my Dad has one that he uses every day he loves that he can download even the best seller list books for a small amount of money. It is well worth the money if your an avid reader it has many nice features on it too. Take care my friend.

  9. I just got it! Ken bought it for both my birthday and our anniversary. I am loving it. It's very expensive but since I do a lot of reading, I think it will be worth it. The internet access isn't the greatest but I love being able to upload my crochet patterns on it. I think you would LOVE it, Pam.


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