Monday, February 01, 2010


I'm trying to find a heart pattern I like to use as a coaster.  It's for a gift.

I don't like any of these at all.  It's amazing to me that nobody can make a crocheted heart that looks very good.  They all look messy or downright weird.  I made a couple of others last night too, but one was too small, and the other looked even messier than all of these so I ripped it out. 

I'll probably just end up going with the plain sc one at the top-left of this picture from Bella Dia's blog.  Maybe I can add a white frilly border of some kind and make it look better.  I'll work on that.

There's nothing happening around here today.  I've got a little work to do this morning and laundry to do this afternoon.  Fun-fun.


  1. Here's my stained glass pattern for a perfect heart. Now whether you can just "wing" it or not is another story since I know NOTHING about your form of art.

    HEART: Make a 3 or 4 inch square.

    Make 2 half moon shaped pieces (The bottom "flat" side needs to be exactly the same length as one of the sides of the square you made.)

    You can make a perfect half moon shape pattern on paper by drawing out your square first and then using a round coaster or saucer or lid or something like that and position it onto the square in a way that you can draw the half moon shape on top of one of the sides.

    You only need to draw one of the half moons but you will be making 2 when you crochet them.

    Connect the two half moon shaped crocheted pieces to the square and WHA-LAH...perfect heart.

    I like the red hearts you did. The pink ones are a little abstract but still pretty.

    GOOD LUCK! I hope I helped.

  2. This heart is made using this method, but I don’t like how the stitches go different directions making it look messy to me. See how the square stitches go diagonally when you turn it sideways to attach the two half-moons?

    But those instructions you sent me do apply if you don’t care about the stitches being wonky. I guess I’m being too picky, but I want them to look cute.

  3. I did a "folk art" heart a week or so ago, but I can't for the life of me remember what book I got it out of. It was a nice heart and very easy. It was kinda squished down and wide, but I was actually thinking it would make a nice coaster if it was made with thicker (or cotton) yarn. I'll see if I can root around and find the pattern.


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