Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Good Day

I'm so excited that I only need one more block and I can start putting it together!  Then I have to go around each block again with one round of loops to prep them for the join and border.  I'll be working on it while watching the race today.

Right now, Barnaby is cutting the tips off of the chicken wings and separating the wings from the drummets.  I hate that part because my hands are killing me by the time I'm finished, so Barnaby is kindly doing that part.  I say "kindly" but he knows he wouldn't get any of his beloved Parmesan Chicken Wings if he didn't.  They ARE pretty darn fantastic.  I've posted the recipe here at least twice, but I'll do it again if anybody wants it.  I'd just link to it, but I don't know where it is.  I can never find the post when I look for it.  That's what I get for not using labels.

I've been napping all weekend.  It feels luxurious.  I love it and so does my sleepin' buddy, Sammi.  Saying that makes me miss Little Boy. 

I've gotta go make those wings and get them in the oven now.

There's nothing like watching a race, eating chicken wings, and crocheting all afternoon!  Ahhhh.

I hope y'all are equally happy today.


  1. if you are doing the flat braid border the loop round is done as you join. not all before. just the first square is done on all four side. just don't want to see you have to frog.

  2. It's all good you know what you plan better than I. I know it will be beautiful no matter what, her squares are so great.

  3. I love the picture of your fur baby sticking out his or her tongue. That is so cute, I can't wait until you finish your pretty afghan. Hope all is well there. Take care my friend.

  4. Your Sammi looks so much like my Opi! Guess what, his name was Sammy when we got him! He and his sister have their own blog (yeah, I might have too much time on my hands lol). You can see him on their blog

  5. Glad you're having such a fab weekend! Can't wait to see your finished project.

  6. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Seeing little boy again makes me laugh. BP

  7. Sammi is so adorable!


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