Monday, February 08, 2010


I had a good start to the day today.  I woke up all spry and ready to get some work done.  I made these hearts and then some work popped in the email so I stopped and flew through the first half of that very quickly.

And then I made a fatal mistake.  I ate lunch.  Or should I say I ate too much lunch (leftover chicken enchilada casserole) and then followed it up by eating brownies with a fork straight out of the pan while standing at the counter.  I don't know how many I ate while standing there in a stupor, but something jarred me awake and I threw them in the sink and flooded the pan with hot water.

Oh, man, was I sick.  I whined and groaned and rolled around all nauseous and full of regret.  I guess I finally started feeling a little better because I fell asleep and woke up feeling better.  But I still don't think I'm eating dinner or anything else today. 

Good Lord.  I'm a grown woman.  You'd think I'd have more sense.


  1. I'm lovin' the colors in those squares. What are you using?

    Are you feeling better? I did the same thing the other day when I made a cream cheese fruit tart. Oh my gosh, such punishment.

  2. My goodness girl, sounds like your chicken didn't agree with you. We all know chocolate brownies didn't do it. I sure hope you got rid of it all and just need a little rest now. Take care of yourself.

  3. Too funny.... Crackin' up.

    Must have been one of those days.... I had a number 1 at Mickie Ds...I don't really eat McDonalds, but it was my feel good food as a kid. Plus, it was on the way home from H.L..... Brownies right out of the pan, what could be better.

    Tomorrow is a new day, right.

    You do have godd sense, you got it all out right here, right now.

    Off to eat, so I can watch the Bachelor choice a loser again.


  4. I am sorry you were ill. But have to say I just am wild over the colors you chose for your grannies.

  5. Yes, I'm feeling better this evening...thank goodness!

    The yarn in the squares: the red and white are Red Heart and the brownish-gold is Hobby Lobby's ILTY. Red Heart also has a color very close to that though.

    They are squares for a pillow. The pillow is all white with just the red and gold in those squares. Sixteen squares sewn together make the front of the pillow. There is one exactly like it on Ravelry -- same colors and everything. I thought it was really pretty so I'm making myself one.

  6. I have been in same way as you!! and...told myself the same thing!! I love the squares and it will make a pretty pillow. Love the colors! I am still working on the wool eater. :-) It goes slow!

  7. my goodness, you must have felt awful! I guess that ombination is a big no-no.
    (I'm sorry if I chuckled a bit, your last remark of being a grown woman...:D )

  8. Okay, there you go. That's what you get for not sending your leftovers to Oklahoma!!!!! :)

  9. Oh I'm so glad that you're feeling better. Love your squares. What pattern did you use for your hearts?

  10. Oh honey, I'm as guilty of that as you are. If I had eaten myself sick I wouldn't be in the position I am now!! I think I'm bulemic, but I forget to purge....that would have actually helped me out!! I'm glad you're feeling better, don't beat yourself up too much. If you're reading this then you woke up to a fresh start right! LOVE LOVE LOVE your sqaures and hearts, thanks for sharing that pattern with us!!! Onward and upward...its' a new day!

  11. Oh sorry, once again I can relate.
    Sergio & I were gabbing after dinner as I was cleaning things up. A bowl of left over shredded cheese was sitting there and rather than toss it or bag it up, I started shoveling it into my face. the look on Sergio's face was priceless! I don't know what over came me...I had plenty of the White Chili and wasn't even hungry, but just kindof thought eating that cheese was the right thing to do. God, I am such a pig!
    I like the red hearts. Whatcha gonna do with them?


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