Saturday, January 09, 2010

Yet Another Idiot

Here is a shitty letter (email) I sent to an etsy seller this morning:. This was after I had to email her asking where the pattern was I ordered and paid for on Tuesday. (All she had to do was email it.) She emailed me back this morning, ignoring the fact that she was slower than molasses and only confirming my order and stating she had just emailed my pattern to an email address I've never heard of.

Dear Etsy Seller:

You know what? Just forget it. You don't really seem to be with it. I ordered some yarn from another seller on etsy the same time I ordered this pattern. I received the yarn YESTERDAY and it had to be physically mailed. I still have not received the pattern from you that just had to be emailed!!

I'm going to assume this is a rare occurence and not ruin your 98% rating because of one shitty transaction, but I am cancelling my order.

PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY...and preferably faster than you can email.

Thank you.
9 January 2010 12:20pm EDT

I hate people.


  1. Hey Boo boo...reconsider giving that seller at least "neutral" feedback with an explanation of what happened. The reason is because it will warn any future prospective buyers who care to check this seller's track record. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't check until they have a problem...including me! I actually got a seller BANNED for etsy for not delivering and not refunding my money. Fortunately, it was less than $10 but we have to remember we're dealing with strangers here....strangers that may or may not know a thing about being a business owner!
    Check this out:

  2. Oh my gosh, you crack me up! Love it that you really gave her the what-for. Some people's kids, huh.

  3. That's the Pammy Sue I know and love! You go, Girl!

  4. Way To Go Pammy!!!


  5. I like your Blog Button...:-) HOw do you make those?

    I need one that says "
    My Hook and I" with a crochet hook on it. :-)

    I bet that can;'t even be done.


  6. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Yep, thats the Pammy Sue I know! She should be happy that it wasn't in person as you jerked her across the counter. BP


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