Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wooleater Links

Wooleater Pattern with pictures HERE

Wooleaters on Flickr HERE

Wooleaters on Ravelry HERE

Have fun looking. There are so many beautiful color combinations!


  1. I am for sure going to make some of these as potholders to start small. You have inspired me. I have so many things going right now but just feel I need to do this too.

  2. Wow! You can certainly get lost on those pages for an hour or 10 :-) so many pretty colors. I have got to make me one of these. At least a hotpad or something!

  3. Off to check out Flickr first. This looks pretty scarey to me.... I agree dishcloth first...

    Chicken roasting in the over. Can you believe I finally got out to the store. Of course, Paula Deen Homemade Mac and Cheese too. Comfort food day.

    Out of here for now to check... I know I will love the pics on Flic

  4. I'm making a wooleater too as a friends wedding present. I'm not gonna have it finished in time for the wedding sadly, but, It'll still be awesome!!


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