Friday, January 22, 2010

Tequila Sunrise, Anyone?

I received my prize from The Garden Bell yesterday! I was so excited to get my hands on it. Barnaby and I had fun reading through all of the songs on each CD. What a great collection! Thank you, Kate.

And here is a photo I took minutes before the big drawing, which Barnaby totally ruined for me by barging in and grabbing a ticket out of the bowl and proudly declaring a winner! Hmphf. That was the funnest part and he stole it out from under me!

My Kool-Aid dyed yarn is all dry and ready to wind into a ball. You can see the three places where I had the rubberbands. It looks really neat. I want to crochet something that shows the colors really well, and since there's only 220 yards, I think I'm going to just crochet myself a dish mat. That's something I'll use and look at nearly every day whether it's winter or summer or whatever.

The colors look a lot like a Tequila Sunrise, don't they? So that's it. I'm naming my dish mat Tequila Sunrise. Does that make you happy, Kate? I'm naming a dish mat!

TGIF everybody! Bye.


  1. I love the yarn color it brings sunshine to a dull winter day.

  2. Wow, it turned out beautiful! And tequila sunrise is a perfect name for the color. Please do post a picture of your mat when it's finished.

    Just popping in to see what you're up to. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yipee... So glad to see the CDs arrived safely. Enjoy.

    Now, about Barney pulling the ticket for you. Man. They want to steal all our thunder.

    Your yarn turned out wonderful. PERFECT NAME. Love Tequila Sunrise. See how easy it was to name it. All my blankets have names, which Scooter knows. So when I need one.. I just say, "BRING ME CANDY ICEE" and he runs and gets it for me while lounging around... not...

    So are you ready to dye some more. I could actually see this in a ripple too, with 3-4 other colors pulled.

    How are those "Magic Balls" doing?

    Have a great weekend,

    P.S. Off to work on the post with links to the button grabber and scroller. Don't let the HTML code scare you. I have never worked with it before myself.

  4. The colors are just beautiful and it does look like Tequila Sunrise. Lookin forward to seeing the dishmat.

  5. I'm thinking Mai Tai!!! My sister makes the BEST Mai Tai's in the world with her recipe direct from Hawaii. Whenever I'm having a craving, I pick up the stuff from the liquor store, and she'll make them up in a huge pitcher. YUMMMM!!! That's what the colors in your dyed yarn remind me of, but Tequila Sunrise works, also! :)


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