Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Stuff

Here is Molly's give-away package (large) and a box of the hexagons from my WIPs ready to be mailed tomorrow morning...

A Pile-O-Dogs

The Wooleater I started last night.

I had a few more rounds and two more colors on it by midnight last night, but I frogged it this morning and started over. I just didn't like the way it was looking. So I started over this morning with a two-sizes smaller hook (F) and an adjustment to the placement of some stitches.

It looks much better now, but I'm still unhappy that I didn't buy the Caron Simply Soft last night for this. I wanted to make it in shades of all brown, but all they had in the Caron SS was a dark brown and a bone color. I wish now I had just gone with those two colors and then picked a third color like a rust or maybe a peach to go with them. I think this pattern looks so much better when crocheted with a thinner yarn, like the Caron or a sport-weight. If Hobby Lobby was open today, I'd go up there and exchange all the browns I bought in ILTY and start over. I still may do that tomorrow since I'm going out to the post office anyway. I've wanted to make this blanket for so long that I hate using something I'm not 100% happy with.

I haven't touched the magic balls yet. Those are going in a box in the closet. I'm just not feeling them right now.

And here's the sausage, beans, and rice I made for lunch today. It was so good and really hit the spot with a piece of bread & butter.

I'm about to go relax in a big 'ol bubble bath and drink my Vietnamese Coffee that Barnaby just made. Yum.


  1. The browns are sharp!!! Looks great.

    And the food looks so good. Your making me hungry!!!


  2. your wool eater is looking good but I know what you mean about personal satisfaction.

  3. Yum..lunch looks good. What's in Vietnamese coffee? I like the pattern you are doing in the brown and bone. I think a 3rd color would make it even more impressive.

  4. Pile of Dogs? Wool-eater? You frickin' crack me up! I have a pile of dogs right now too!

  5. I agree, if the wool-eater is for yourself you need to have the colors that make you smile and that you feel comfortable with.

  6. This Rocks. I can't wait to see how your yarn eater turns out. I have been eyeing that pattern for a while. Remember I have only been hooking for about a year, so it's kind of scarey for me.

    So is it really eating the yarn. Like I have to worry that I don't have enough around here... chuckle-chuckle.

    Dinner looks pretty yummie. Gotta love those quick fixers.

    Have a great day.


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