Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post #1000!

What is crazy?
You are about to find out at least one form of it.

Keri over at Greyt Balls of Yarn has challenged us to post an entry showing all of our unfinished crochet projects or works-in-progress, also known as WIPs. I think she may even be offering a prize, but I haven't checked back there since she mentioned it so I'm not sure.

People, I've already won. I already know it. And I think I'll win based on just my yarn crochet projects alone. This is NOT including my thread crochet projects, of which there are many also.

Please hold your applause (or straitjacket) until the end.

Here is an example of what Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder, all combined into one, can do to a person.

I had to make the pictures small because there are so many of them. You should be able to click on them if you want to see them better.

Are you ready?

Here we go for a ride on the Crazy Train...

1. Waikiki Scarf (in yellow)

2. Pressed Flowers Afghan (Green & Dark Teal)

3. Blue Jeans Shawl (Aqua)

4. Crochet-Along Squares (Brown)

5. (Flower Squares for another pillow)

All of the above accept the Waikiki Scarf were started within the past week.

6. Half-Moon Shawl

This looks really weird in this photo. It looks nothing like this is person.
7. All DC Blanket

8. Summertime Stripes Blanket

9. Diagonal Box Stitch Blanket

10. Double-Os Blanket

11. Shells Blanket

This is my oldest WIP

12. Hexagons Blanket

13. Small Granny Squares Blanket

I have two more bags of these, 230 squares

14. Ripple Blanket

(2 Up 2 Down or 4 Up 4 Down, can't remember)

15. Random Stitch Purples Blanket

16. Filigree Shawl

Are you still with me, people? I told you!


It's still a ways before we get to the caboose...

17. Seraphina Shawl

18. Round Ripple

19. Large Basketweave Blanket

20. Granny Diagonal Blanket

21. Can't-Remember-the-Name Blanket (top)

22. Ditto (red with brown trim)

23. Granny Ripple Blanket

24. 12" Squares Gradient Colors Blanket.

I have two more of these squares done.

25. Braided Mile-a-Minute Afghan (aqua & brown)

26. Scrap Round Rug

27. Wool-Eater Blanket (blue & yellow)

28. Caron Pattern Shawl (rose)

29. Black & White Round Ripple

30. Teddy Bears on Parade Child's Blanket

Sorry, crappy picture

31. Pink & White Granny's Heart Blanket

32. Giant Granny Square

33. Multi-Color Granny's Heart Blanket

34. Don't-Remember-the-Name Shawl


Have you all deleted me from your blog lists and run away yet?

And by the way, if anybody wants any of these patterns, I'll share them or point you to where you can get them if I can remember where they are. Just email me or ask in the Comments leaving your email address. I won't publish your email address in the comments or anywhere else. Heck, I might even just send you what I've done so far and YOU can finish it!


  1. Good Lord, Pammy Sue! What a relief to find out I'm not the only one in this mess. Say, does this mean you finished the shawl we were doing together or did you just frog it?

    I love all the things you have as WIPs. Especially your black and white round ripple. I hope you finish that one. I also really like #24 the 12" gradient colors squares.

  2. Girlfriend....

    YOU CAN"T BE SERIOUS!!!!!!!!

    I thought I was, I feel good... That is until you count all my project beside yarn. I'm all over the house....

    Hands down.... I'll give you the win with this post....

    I just can't stop side is cramping.

    You are seriously crazy, girlfriend. I'm cutting you off from a trip to H.L, Mich's, Jo's and any other crafting, yarn supplies within a 50 mile radius.

    I won't cut off knitpicks as I can wait to see you go crazy with the Kool-Aid....

    You really are too funny.

  3. Wow and I thought I was bad anout having unfinished projects! Love it! I read your lbog obsessively and worry about you when you don't post new things for awhile, ha ha. My 6 yr old grandaughter is obsessed with yarn projects, epecially granny squares. We both loved the picture of yours! If you want to share them or the pattern we would love to make some.

  4. You have absolutely, positively, got to be freakin' kidding me!!!!! Seriously, I am sitting here, in awe, of your WIP train! On one hand, I can believe it because of your crazy ambition. On the other hand, though, you exhibit so many FINISHED projects on here that I can't imagine where you have the time to start all these others! :) I am SO glad that I started this whole charade, and it's nice to know that I am in this dilemma in very good company!

    I'm putting a link to your blog on my blog right this minute. People just have to see this to believe it.

    And, yes, I mentioned something about a prize, but I'm still working out the details. I'm sure you're deserving of something!

  5. Too funny! I would hate just to get out all my unfinished projects, much less take pictures of all of them!! I love that you did!!

    I did get a few old time projects finished before I joined Etsy and started this blogging thing, but not since!


  6. Whhaat the...???? Holy Crap! And here I thought you were spending all your time on those FINISHED projects you've been showing off. When did you have time to do these? My jaw is dropped open...

  7. Loved seeing all the Wips!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Where are you getting all your ambition? I want to go buy some lol!

  9. My we have the mother load of wips here. Mine are tuck away somewhere I have a few that I been working on and took one round ripple apart as I wanted the yarn for something else. I do that too have lots of squares different colors and sizes I take them out once in a while to look at but then right back into the bag they go. Then I have many more patterns I want to try to make. Well take care friend.

  10. I still love you crazy lady! Congrats on the 1000th post! That is awesome! i am almost at 500. If only I had more time to finish the dozen started post...See, we all have unfinish projects that we mean to finish, but start another before finishing the other!

  11. It is amazing the amount of work you have done! Beautiful! I have been looking for what may be the Bears on Parade pattern for several years, and would be really happy to see/have a pattern for that. Two people have given my children baby afghans with what looks like filet bears on it and I have not taken the time to really look at it and figure it out yet. My email is alipurr @ fencer dot org if you can send me info about that. I know there are more I am interested in but that one just kind of jumped out at me. Great job on all the projects :). For all the little granny squares one (I think there was a lot of white on them), are there enough to put together yet? if so, I could take those off your hands. My 2 little girls are always asking me to do crafting projects and I think sewing little squares together would be fun for them :) thanks, allison

  12. forgot to say to just let me know about the squares how much you would want for them, etc :) thanks,

  13. Holy WIPs batman!

    Geez woman. Overcommitted much?

    LOL admitting it is the first step to recovery!

    Thanks for sharing (and the giggle)


  14. I think my brain just went into meltdown - you make me feel SO much better about my UFOs now :]

  15. thank you for the patterns!!! I also just got my beautiful package...more beautiful in person :). I even have some black and burgundy that will match already. Yay!!! thank you


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