Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now I Feel Bad

Here is the response to my shitty letter:

Hi, Im sorry for any problems. Just now, we have very snowy weather. Everything closed, shops, offices, and first of all ...schools. My car is still under the snow. Just I had no time to seat and made everything correctly.

Choose any pattern and I will send you for free in 2 days!!!

Apologise once again!!!!

I'm an asshole.


  1. Well....she SHOULD have told you all that when you contacted her the first time! See what I mean? People are running internet businesses that don't have any idea how to run a business or how to deal with customers. Now...what she is doing here by offering you something for free is a good thing. She's trying to save her reputation with you and the etsy community. But really....she SHOULD have told you about these problems from the start instead of ignoring your concerned inquirey about your order!

  2. I agree . . . things would have gone a lot smoother if she would have given you all that info in the beginning. You're not an asshole. You just don't want to be taken advantage of.

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    K, did you say that it was to be emailed????? I would think that the snowy weather would be a perfect time to sit and hit "send" BP

  4. Hi, I am Betty Leek, a friend of Patti's. I am following your blog under Jackrabbit Flats. Patti said that you might help me a bit with my blog. If you would be willing to help me, please email me.



  5. Ok, noooo you are NOT an asshole. People need to communicate, dang it. Is her computer in her car that's buried under the snow? I agree with the others, a quick sentence to you would have solved everything...."sorry, having problems here due to severe weather, will email your pattern asap." The point is, we as buyer's are required to pay our money PROMPTLY and UP FRONT. The seller should have the courtesy to do the same....send our order PROMPTLY. Don't beat yourself up....if you were truly an asshole you would have ruined her 98% rating!


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