Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn

First of all, I want to tell y'all to go over to Bev's blog and get the recipe for Chicken Bruscetta Foil Dinners. I made it last night, and everyone loved it. It's a keeper I'll be making again and again. Thanks, Bev!


I tried my hand at dyeing some yarn with Kool-Aid this morning...

I unwrapped two skeins of the yarn I had ordered from Knit Picks online:

I wrapped three rubberbands around each skein about 5-6 inches apart. Then I placed both skeins in a dishpan filled with water and smooshed it around a little bit to get the yarn thoroughly soaked. I left it in the water while I mixed my Kool-Aid colors.

I never did get the color(s) I was going for. I wanted a few shades of peach, but the Kool-Aid wasn't cooperating. I went with these colors and decided to dye only one skein of yarn with it. These are varying mixtures of Orange, Lemonade, and Strawberry flavors of Kool-Aid.

I'm sorry that I did not get pictures of the next couple of stages which were pouring the dyes onto the yarn and microwaving the skein for two rounds of two minutes each time.

Then I rinsed the yarn well in fresh water from the tap. Even though everything I read said that there would be no color in the water after the heating process, I was still surprised when that was actually true. There was color in the water that was in the glass dish I used, but when I rinsed the yarn, no color was in the water that came out of it.

I gently squeezed the water out of the rinsed skein and hung it in the bathroom to dry.

I wonder how it turned out, don't you?

Do you want to see it?

Do ya?


Like I said, it's not what I was going for, but it does look kinda cool, huh?

Many thanks to Kate for the inspiration!

And here are a couple of links to Websites where I read all about dyeing yarn:


Kathryn Ivy


  1. I'm so glad you liked the chicken. And I really like the colors in your yarn. What are you going to make with it?

  2. Very pretty color! I've never tried that. Maybe one year when I deplete my stash I may try it lol!

  3. Holy cow, that is SO COOL!! It sounds like it's not too complicated. What do you do if you don't want it variegated, just leave the rubber bands off? Neato skeeto, something to add to my TO DO list! :)

  4. Wow.. I do like how this project worked out for you!! LOVE the colors, and how you can experiment with them like this! Looks like FUN! I'd love to try this sometime! ~tina

  5. How cool is that!?! I've never heard of using koolaid to dye anything. Can't wait to see what you crochet with this.

  6. Can't wait to see the projects you make with this.

  7. Even though it's not what you expected, I bet it will work up very pretty! Can't wait to see how it looks then :)

  8. Good job. It's looking great. Now the hard part. To let it dry over night. Don't touch or it felts. I love the colors by the way, I know you were going for peach, but these are great.

    Sooooo...are you ready to do more. I just picked up some of the PAAS egg dye, that works well, too.

    Can't wait to see this after your ball winder takes over. Please remember to show and tell.

    Yesterday, was pretty bad, so I'm laying low today and trying to finish up my B.B. borders... By the way I will try to add your button code to my new scroll bar... Petit sent me the link.

  9. You need the rubberbands or any kind of tie just to keep the yarn from tangling while you work with it. If you leave them loose, the dye should soak through to the yarn. If you don't want variegated color, just use one color of Kool-Aid or whatever type dye you are using. I wanted variegated, so I tied my rubberbands tightly and used all four of those colors I mixed up--just pouring carefully and slowly. (That's why I wish I had gotten a picture of that step. You'd understand if you saw it. You can see it in the snowangel link at the bottom of my post.) The whole process took less than an hour.

    I have no idea what I'm going to make with it yet. I only did one skein (220 yards) because it wasn't the color I wanted it to be. I have lots more of the bare yarn to dye.

    You can also use Easter Egg dye or buy a fancy acid dye for this.

  10. You are too funny

  11. Yummy!!! Can't wait to see how the variagation works up

  12. Ohhh Yeah!!!
    Very cool. Do they smell good too?


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