Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Hump Day

I was forced to go to my little tiny stuttering doctor this morning. He was holding my prescription refills for ransom. That's the only way he can get me to come in for my yearly check-up and blood work. My back no longer hurts so I didn't even mention it.

I always feel like an Amazon Woman when I go there. I swear I'm twice his size in height and weight. He went on and on about allergies being the root cause of everything. He does that every single time I go in. Whatever, tiny man. Shut-up and let me leave. He did finally let me leave... with yet another allergy nose spray and prescription. I did not mention allergies to him in any way. He's the one that always brings it up. Every time I go there I always leave with some kind of allergy medicine sample and prescription that I never use or fill.

I returned the two pairs of pants I had bought at Fashion Bug last week, and then I drove through the parking lot of Hobby Lobby. When there wasn't a parking place up front, I just kept driving. I really didn't want to go in I guess because I never park up front anyway.

Hello? Is anybody still here?

So I stopped at the grocery store and got bananas, cherries, grapes, milk, and Koolaid. I needed the Koolaid because I plan on dying some yarn later in the week when it's delivered by the mailman or UPS man or whoever (whomever?). You can expect some pictures of that mess for sure. I'm hoping to make the perfect shade of peach by combining orange and yellow. I think that will make peach anyway, won't it? We'll see. I just this second realized that I forgot to buy gloves. Dang it! I'll have to bribe Barnaby to stop and get me some tomorrow when he's working.

About that Cheesy Potatoes recipe I posted yesterday...I thought it was kind of weird. The half & half clotted up kind of weirdly. I used Swiss cheese, so maybe it was the combination of Swiss cheese and half & half that didn't work right. Anyway, they tasted okay but needed more salt. They didn't look very pretty though.

I'm making something that sounds horrid but tastes great for dinner tonight. Tuna and Peas in a cream gravy over toast. I see you turning your nose up, Miss Snobby Britches. Don't knock it until you've tried it. It's good I tell you. Will you get that look off of your face if I tell you it has bacon in it? Barnaby always asks me to make it, but I rarely have bacon in the house, which is what I use to start the gravy, so he doesn't get it very often.

Wow. I can't believe you're still here.

I'm off to make some coffee before it gets too late in the day to drink it. I need something to sustain me through making that fancy dinner. I think I'll put some lighted candles on our table.


  1. I won't turn up my nose at what you are making for supper tonight if you won't laugh when I tell you we're having bacon and pancakes at husband's request. :)

  2. Anonymous3:02 PM

    you forget to mention ARTIC BLAST, dun dun dun! BP

  3. Yep another artic blast along with snow! Are you kidding about dinner? We had a casserole and green peas are my favorite veggies.

  4. I'm so excited you are going to give the Kool-aid dyeing a whirl. Watch out it's addictive. Just remember to have fun and not put on to much. To be honest half the time I don't have my gloves on. I do end up with some strange colored nail. I should be around most of the day tomorrow, as we are under a blizzard warning. AGAIN. 10 to 12 this time. I am so over this.

    At least, I got over and got a haircut this afternoon. Journeyed to the library for CD. Easy way to get some of the music, cheap too. Can believe you got all the way to HL and didn't go in. Bless you....

    Have fun...All those color should mix together nicely. Am I see on new pony holder?

  5. No, Barbara, I'm not kidding about the tuna & peas with cream gravy for dinner! We had it and it was GOOD. What a cheap and easy dinner...

  6. Uh...YEAH I'm still here. You mentioned BACON. That's all it takes! Okay...gotta have the recipe for that tuna and peas stuff. Sounds like something Big Daddy would love and me too!

  7. Hi Pammy Sue,

    I'm Tammy Sue. I also have back pain and having to "deal with it." Working at the job I do about does me in after a crazy rushing day.

    Anyway, enjoyed your blog and sense of humor. I'm a solitary person, sort of a recluse when people will let me alone. LOL! My laptop died this past year and I cannot download pics at this time on my blog. But can use my daughter's notebook, only to check email and write. Oh, well, hoping to replace the laptop this coming year. Take care and happy new year and hope your back gets better soon!

  8. Your doctor sounds JUST like my doctor. I think it's just a thing with doctor's to hold your prescriptions for ransom. I just went thru that yesterday as a matter of fact. And yes, I made it thru your entire blog post. We are a lot alike (I tend to jump around a lot too, and most of the time give tmi), so I completely understood your post and enjoyed it too! And btw, I love the peas on toast, but I haven't tried it with tuna. We call it "Cream Peas on Toast"....GOOD stuff!


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