Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mundane

I saw something on TV the other day about bloggers. I was only half-way paying attention, but they were talking about how some bloggers find it necessary to tell you every detail of what they're doing every day and about every morsel of food going in their mouths. I thought it sounded an awful lot like me sometimes and started to start worrying that I was "one of those people" who are annoying everyone with their mundane life.

But then you know what? I very quickly realized if I was annoying anyone or boring anyone, they can just not come here. So there.

With that said, let me show you what I got at the store today. Ha-ha-ha! WHAT?

I love this oatmeal. It was on sale today for $1.89, which is at least $1.00 off. Score! More money for yarn! And this Java Monster Lo Ball is hard to find. "Lo Ball," because it's half the calories of the regular one.

I got this Stash Peppermint Tea because someone mentioned it on my sister's blog the other day saying how great it is. I got the Constant Comment because it use to be my sister's favorite tea. I don't know if it still is, but it sounded good to me today. I'm drinking more hot tea these days.

I found some blue Kool-Aid today too! I've heard the blue is hard to find anymore, so I bought the whole box. I got some yellow ones so I could make green. Not for drinking but for the yarn dyeing, don't ya know.

Here's the Wooeater I started over. I've decided to add two colors of green to the brown and linen instead of more browns. I still don't know that I love it, but I need to do a few more rounds of colors before I know for sure.

I'm enjoying this pattern. It's certainly different from anything else I've ever done. It's going to be really heavy. Everyone says it lives up to its name, "Wooleater," but I haven't gotten far enough to know myself yet.

If you're ever going to make one, my advice is to use a small hook, like an F or smaller.
This is the best dog food. Spoil your dog a little and give him/her some. You can tell by looking at it that they're going to love it. It looks like people food with peas and carrots and chunks of meat. Eli gets an extra small meal at night to prevent his blood sugar from dipping too low, and this is what he gets. He gets about 1/3 of one of these tubs so a tub lasts for three days. They cost around $1.39 at Walmart, but I paid $1.99 at Kroger today. What a rip-off, Kroger!

But, you see, I HAD to go to Kroger today because we needed this Cafe Du Monde coffee for our Vietnamese coffee, and Kroger is the only place around here that sells it.

And this concludes my exciting entry for today.

Oh, except to say that I've gone to all of your blogs many times and tried to leave a comment, but I'm almost always on my laptop these days and it still won't let me comment. It's pissing me off.

So I'm not ignoring you. Warning: Award-Winning Run-on Sentence Ahead. I read your blogs obsessively, but I just can't comment unless I'm sitting in my office, and who wants to be in their office unless they're working, and if I'm working, I shouldn't be clicking around on blogs and commenting and screwing around, so it only seems like I'm ignoring you, but I'm actually not, I'm working or on my laptop.


And Blogger still sucks with the spacing, and I'm sick of going back and having to edit every single entry so that all my paragraphs aren't one giant paragraph, thereby making me look like an idiot who doesn't know how to write properly. So if there are any spacing issues in my entries, it's not because I'm an idiot. It's because Blogger can't get their act together and fix it. Stupid Blogger. If I didn't have my whole life for the past five years wrapped up in this thing, I'd be outta here!

Rant over.


  1. I know what you mean about blogger and spacing. I've tried and tried to center my photo at the top of my blog and just can't do it! I have this big blank space on the right side! I'd change templates but then every time I've tried that I've lost parts of my blog and had to reconstruct. Bad Blogger....!

  2. I love the square. Be sure to have some peppermint tea when you work on it next. It is coming along great and I love the added green.

  3. Dang, I don't know where to start! I'd like to try to Java Lo Ball. I haven't seen the coffee ones. The oatmeal? I'll let you keep it and eat every single bite. I'm not a raisin/date/fig fan, so I'll just stick with my butter and brown sugar. :) I need to find that Peppermint tea for JC. With our Keurig, he drinks at least 2 big glasses of iced peppermint tea every night. We're out and too broke for Keurig right now, so maybe he'll like something from a "regular" grocery store.

    The Wooleater looks very detailed. I meant to check out the pattern in your previous post, but got sidetracked.

    Cafe Du Monde rocks!

    And, I'm in total agreement with your comments about Blogger and its "issues". You'd think Google would have enough techs around to fix those things!

    P.S. Haven't forgotten about your gift. Remember our discussion about pre-washing items before they're gifted? Well, I've been trying to find my lingerie bag so I can wash it. I don't want to throw it in the washer and have it fall to pieces! :)

  4. I really do still LOVE Constant Comment tea but don't enjoy the decaf as much as the regular and I can't hardly ever have the regular because it will keep me awake at night if I indulge in caffiene later in the day.

    My fav. instant oatmeal is the brown sugar and cinnamon one. I buy the one you got every once in a while.

    I love the wooleater pattern with the green added to it.

  5. I have heard this before too, about Bloggers telling "TMI". But my answer to people that say this is: Don't read it!
    The beauty of Blog World is you/I/anyone can find their own little niche and go with it. Personally I love the Mundane information. I actually take suggestions and try things because a Blogger liked it.
    I love details, and I LOVE sarcasm. I love to laugh and love to see that I am not the only one that stupid stuff happens to or gets pissed because someone is invading my personal space. I share my stupid stuff my details of my ho-hum life and it makes me happy to hear someone enjoyed reading something I wrote.
    There are thousands of blogs out there to read. i am quite happy with the ones I chose to follow. If they get too boring or too detailed I can always move on.
    So keep it coming Pam! I love your writings!
    ps...Walnut, Raisin & Dates Oatmeal is MY FAVORITE!! I have it here at home and in my desk at work! It is perfect! (I have to pour two packages in my cup though coz one is never enough!

  6. I keep coming back to see the yarn eater. I think you have me hooked, but I'm going to give it one more posting to see if you frog. Is it a hard pattern or just a yarn eater?

    Looks like you are planning on dyeing more yarn soon. Can't wait to see how it turns out. It's fun isn't it.

    No tiler today, they start up first thing in the morning. So, I had to get the yarn that I dyed over the weekend put away. No post today, took a nap and chilled out as it's another grey snowie day here.

    Keep posting this project, I want to see more and the other green. I'm loving the color choices on this one so far.

    Off to get dinner ready, so I can watch the "Bach" tonight.


  7. no need to worry about mundane. its like sitting around the kitchen table having a cup together.

    I love the wooleater pattern. I think I'll still like it when you go round a couple more times.


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