Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm here. I just don't feel like posting. No energy. Lots of work, which I should be ecstatic about, but I'm not. And I need a GIANT kick in the ass for that.


  1. Consider yourself kicked.

    It was nice to actually take a break today. Hope to be back at it in the morning, but off to bed now. Last night was a long one over at Mom's for the birthday gig. Didn't sleep too well. You know family politics. may have to kick me back tomorrow.

    Any yarn yet? I know it can be a pissier waiting for knitpicks, but it's worth it.

    Cashing it in
    Kate-The garden bell.

  2. Here's a Cyber Kick for you!!!


  3. You knew you'd get a kick in the butt from me! Size 9 1/2 right to the ol' bohiney!!! Get busy, Girl!

  4. No kicks from me sorry, I am too close to the same problem myself. But I will tell you that I used Caron yarn for the calendar ghan and there is more info on it in other entries I made further back. I should of made a couple of links. I think i will go back and do that. We are a lot a like I like browns too. most people dont. I feel they are warm and rich and others feel they are dull and lackluster.
    go figure. to each his own. sorry about yesterdays post. thought it was you.

  5. ha ha! I could NEVER kick you.

  6. Well Pammy Sue, what goes around comes around right? I don't think I'll do any kicking. I've only been crocheting for a year so I've still got a lot of time to accumulate WIP's ROFL But girlfriend you DO have a lot of WIPS!!!! My personal favorite is the giant granny.

  7. Uhhh...What did you doctor say to you on Wednesday? E-mail me.


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