Thursday, January 28, 2010

I survived the storm. The worst of it went south of us. It was mostly just rain. Now we wait to see if we get a freeze overnight.

I got one more square done. Will post another day.


  1. Glad to hear you just got the rain. I know how those TX storms can be. I also remember from my TCU days that....well, texans can't drive on ice...icks....sorry, but I'm from ice country up north.

    Time for bed. The sandman is biting and we have a big day tomorrow with sea glass and the glass doors being measured.

    Thanks for being there for me to ramble on to.


  2. We didn't get hit as hard as they expected. We have a nice layer of ice on the ground, and now it's snowing like crazy. It'll be a skating rink around here for a few days! I'm lovin' it!!! Bad thing about working from home, however, is that I can't get out of working when my office is closed. :(

    Hey, I've been making some squares for Mrs. Twins, also. I have 5 made and will try to get some more made this weekend. I was inspired by her grandmother's story, and I also think it's just pretty cool that we'll be sending our squares across the planet. Awesome!

    Stay warm and cozy!


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