Friday, January 29, 2010

I have no idea why my comments are suddently showing up at the TOP of my posts instead of the bottom.  I looked through the section where you format your posts, but nothing has changed.  I'm also getting an error message every time I try to approve a comment.  The comments are showing up eventually, so it's obviously working.  Blogger is probably just torturing me for bitching about their formatting problems all the time.

And now the toolbar at the top of this box where I type in my posts looks different too!  What's going on?  It's freakin me out!  I'm in the blogger twilight zone!

Happy Friday.  Back later.


  1. have you tried rebooting. Or closing blogger down then reopening. Computers are so strange sometimes. It must be cyberelves.

  2. Mine has been funky too! My top bar has disappeared on two of the computers I work off. And I can't even sign in on my hubby's computer. I thought I did something when I moderated my comments.
    I guess I am in the blogger twight zone too!

  3. Checked my blog and everything is the same. That IS weird that your comment bar is showing up at the top of your post now...


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