Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hair Braids & Stuff

I hate trying to think of titles for my blog entries.
Dutch Braid

I watched several YouTube videos on different types of hair braids. This is a Dutch Braid. It's just a reverse of the French Braid -- you braid under instead of over. This was my first attempt, and I think it turned out pretty well. I like how the braid sits on top of your head like a rope.

I love braids. And I'm so glad my hair is long enough now to put up out of my face. I'll be even happier when it gets to be 100 degrees in the shade this summer.

I had lots of fun looking through the make-up and hair videos on YouTube. I've never done that before. I accidentally saw the ones on braids when I was looking for videos on Flat Braid Joining for crochet.

These were really easy to put together and tasted great. I made these during the football game on Sunday. Next time I'll bake them longer though. They were still pretty soft after 18 minutes.

If I don't get anymore work in today, I think I'll make some cup cozies. I'm going to put some in my sister's Etsy shop and see how well they sell. She's seen at least one person on Etsy that makes knitted ones and has sold 3,000 of them at a minimum of $10 a pop. I think that's a wee bit expensive so I don't know yet what I'll charge.

I'm off to find my hook!


  1. Just popped in for a second to say Hi and see what you are up to. No good as I can see... chuckle-chuckle...

    I'm having one of those pissie days, where nothing seems to be going right. You hit every red light. The lines at Joann's are to the back of the store... The doorbell just rang and the workers are here AGAIN...... PLease, can't a girl just get five minute to play... So, yes, I'm the green eye monster today. Scott better watch out tonight... icks...

    Very cute braids. I've always wanted to be able to do that. I could never figure out how you can do that to yourselves even....

    Nap time..

  2. Love the braid and LOVE your hair color. I was never coordinated enough to braid Ryanne's hair, much less my own!

    The Turtle Cookie Bars look really yummy, even though you said they were a little soft. There must have been some kind of black cloud over your house on Sunday, huh?

    I'm still in awe at the $10-a-pop cozies! That's amazing. We could quit typing AND coding and just make cozies for a living. I made a bunch of beer/soda can cozies last summer and was able to whip 'em up fairly quickly. That could be some good pocket change!

  3. Great hair, could I braid my hair...

    Wizz :-)

  4. That was $3,000.00 worth, not 3,000 cozies. heh heh heh..

  5. When I used to do these braids for my girls they were called "fish-tail braids"
    You have done well, especially working behind yourself :-)

  6. I told you that you could sell them!
    ps...I love to braid, and did my daughters, nieces, friends, etc. NEVER ever could I do my own! I try & try but my arm starts to feel like it weighs 500 pounds. Damn Bus Driver Arms!

  7. Your hair is beautiful and My daughter has long hair and I have french braided hers many times. You did really well with yours. You hair looks thin, shin¥ and slick.


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