Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Already?

First 2 Mystery Squares

See my right-hand sidebar for the link to the Mystery Square Crochet-Along.

As you can see, I messed up the first square and it's way too small. I must have counted wrong on my beginning chain. I'll have to redo it. But first I'm going to crochet Squares 3 & 4 and catch up. I've been busy making more Ponytail hats for my cousins.

I'm also going to make an Upside-Down German Chocolate Cake a little later today. Recipe & picture to come.

Eight more entries to 1000. I've decided not to have a giveaway at this time though. I may do one later. Maybe in the springtime.

Y'all have a nice, productive day!


  1. These are so pretty. I have not started mine yet but will eventually. I am collecting each day.

  2. Sure would love to have the Upside-Down German Chocolate Cake recipe. :)


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