Friday, January 29, 2010

Coolest Square EVER!

Lookie what I found when looking for square patterns to make for Sue:

Click it for a larger view.
I made this today because I thought it was just pure genius on the part of whoever made it up.  My brain doesn't do that.  But isn't it great?

Some wanted to see my Kool-Aid dyed yarn once I rolled it.
Here it is!


Here it is used in one round of this granny square.

Now that's a knock-your-eyeballs-out bright square!

Look at the beautiful scarf Keri made for me!
(Click on the picture for a good look.)

This picture just doesn't do it justice.  It's really gorgeous.

Thank you, Keri!


  1. I have made that square before and it is very clever of the inventor. love your other square too and the scarf is lovely

  2. That first square is very where the heck did you find it, but its easy enough to see how it was done. I don't think that way either.

    Your kool-aid died yarn looks great.

  3. I am trying this again I love all the neat things you been doing love the wool eater reminds me of smores with lots of marshmallows. I love all the squares you have shown here too. One square reminds me of Jacobs Ladder the colors are great would make a great Navajo Afghan. I love the yarn you colored it is beautiful can't wait to see what you make from it. I love the scarf Keri made you it is pretty love the colors too. I have so much to read since I been away. Love your dog tag I got a set of those mine and reminds me of the old days had to wear them overseas.
    Well my dear friend I will be back again to enjoy your site and learn some new things. I love your blog take care my friend.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out and posting the picture of the scarf. It makes it look so "professional" the way you have it draped around that sewing mannequin! So glad you like it . . . I enjoyed making it for you and getting to practice the basket weave.

  5. Very Cool! Love the Kool-Aid yarn.
    ps glad you got your comments fixed!


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