Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You Shut-Up!

I got every bit of my Christmas shopping done yesterday and took Eli to be groomed while I shopped.

Eli gets really car sick so I was a little worried about him throwing up all over himself after getting all groomed and pretty. He did throw up on the way there and threw up immediately upon getting in the car when leaving the groomer's. I hadn't even started the car! Evidently the car ride and groomer experience (his first) was hard on him. He was sick most of yesterday after coming home with diarrhea, not eating, and throwing up. Poor thing. He seemed happy while he was there though. The groomer said he was happy the whole time. I even paid extra for the "express" grooming so he wouldn't have to be left in a kennel waiting. He was only there an hour.

Anyway, he looked nice and clean and smelled so good. I didn't like the haircut, however....AT ALL. It's all jagged and uneven. AND I told her NOT to cut his ear hair at all, so what did she do? Take a wild guess. SHE CUT HIS EAR HAIR!! Stupid-ass!

Eli is hacked up and I'm hacked off.

I think he looks much better when I do the grooming myself. He wasn't as fluffy as when I do it, and I don't hack off any ear hair. Papillons are supposed to have long ear hair! I could go on a really long rant here, but I won't. You're very welcome. BUT YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CUT A PAPILLON'S EAR HAIR DAMMIT! DUH!!!

Okay, sorry.

So let's look at another cutie pie to get our minds off of that, shall we?

So I was carrying an armload of toiletries I bought at Target yesterday through the house and into our bathroom. While traversing the baby gate that keeps the dogs out of our bedroom and bathroom during the day, I fell. With no hands to brace my fall because they were full of deoderant, hairspray, 12 bars of soap, and various and sundry other items, most of my weight hit directly on my left knee and I plowed my head into the sideboard of our bed. Ouch.

The dogs could not get to me because of the gate, so they just stood there barking and whining as I lay on the floor trying to figure out what just happened. Just the day before I had a cussing fit because of that babe gate and always stumbling when I try to step over it. "We're getting too old to have an obstacle course in our house!" Okay, that's not exactly what I said. There were several obscene adjectives thrown in that sentence that I didn't mention.

My knee seems to be fine, albeit bruised and slightly sore.

And then I immediately came out of the bathroom and had to clean up a pile of liquid poop on the living room floor. Did I mention Eli was sick yesterday?

I didn't crochet one stitch again yesterday. I did look through some patterns trying to figure out what I wanted to do next, but that's it on the crochet front.

I have some work to finish and then I'm going to bake some cookies. I'll share the recipe if they turn out well.Have I complained lately about how fat I am? Well, then...I'M FAT! It's really bugging me. Obviously not enough to NOT make cookies and eat them though. Whatever. Shut-up.

I've also been a HUGE BITCH lately. I just feel irritated. Whatever. Shut-up.

Bye, my friends.

Oh, I forgot...

Shut-up! I know I'm fat and bitchy! You don't think it's the "BIG M" do you? No way. Shut-up.


  1. welcome to my life . Sergio & I are always tripping over the gates. But I need them! Especially since Bandit thinks the tree is for his indoor potty pleasures!
    Sammi looks very sweet in the picture.
    Do we not get to see a pic of Eli's new do?
    Dakota needs a professional cut. He is still such a nervous freak around strangers though (puppy mill trama can stay with them for the rest of their lives I am told). I might take him somewhere that will let me be there too? Idk.
    I feel like a big Bitch lately too. The F word has been flowing nonstop. I gotta clean up my act with the girls due home for Christmas Break!

  2. Okay, I'm not feeling so poopie anymore! That is TOO hilarious! Which part? All of it! The trip to the groomer's, the trip to Target and the TRIP afterwards (get it?), and the ranting and raving. I say, "Let's hear it for cookies!" I mean, Santa's getting ready for the big show and is gonna need some yummy refreshments.

    Speaking of, I'm starving. Right now, I don't care if I'm fat. I just want to eat the refrigerator and everything in it!

  3. Awe! Thank You! He is still a cutie, but I completely agree, part of the charm to Papillon's is the hair.
    Love to you!

  4. Lifes little set backs get us really worked up at times. I know your happy but I bet Eli is glad it is over as well.

  5. My did we have a rotten day or what. I know about the bitchy part I hate the holidays and all that goes with it. I use to enjoy them when my Mom was alive she made it fun now to me just another day to get through. Fat who cares at this time of my life I just want to be happy. Sorry to hear that you fell you will be sore several days later. Thank God it was not more serious. Eli hair cut is terrible that is a shame it will grow out again then just do the trim yourself unless you can be with Eli when they do trim him. I hope that you have a better day soon and get to relax and say the hell with anything else. Hang in there. Take care my friend.

  6. Your baby is cute even with the disastrous haircut. I've hit the big M and have had similar symptoms. DH asks me "don't you have some medication to take?" LOL!

  7. When I hit the Big M I did start taking medication. I couldn't bear the thought of reading about myself in the newspaper, "Menopausal Wife Kills Husband and then Offs Herself (and all the neighbors)!" Even on meds I bitch my way through Christmas. Bah Humbug!

    See why we get along so well? Bird of a feather . . .

  8. What a classic read today. Found it sooooo funny, but that could be the Nyquil. Something about Nyquil during the day...icks... spacey. Just up from a 3h nap.

    I love the haircut. I can even smell this fresh clean coat from here. Too cute.

    Now about that fall. Slow down my friend. We need you around, but bring that cynical sense of humor to us in daily doses.

    Regarding the...well,.... "M"... did that with total hyssie around 3yrs ago. Done with all the systems, but not the "B...i..T..C..H...I..E moments. I call them moments of honesty, when nothing is filtered. But, at least waking up soaked is gone.

    On a good note, you got all your shopping done yesterday...


  9. Hey.. YOU shut up! Ha! Ha!.. The fur-babies all look as cute as ever, and I LOVE the ripple pillow you've done most recently! I haven't picked up my crochet hook in so long, I really miss it! If you've got any good projects to suggest, I'd love to hear them! For the moment though, I'm going to try to focus on Christmas cookie baking, and we'll see what kind of assortment I can manage in what time I've got for now! Hope your knee is feeling a little better! ~tina

  10. My worst fall was tripping over Chips a few years ago. Now I have Arthritis in that knee and it is permanently screwed up! Do yourself a BIG favor and get rid of those baby gates or promise yourself you won't try to step over one of them with an armload of ANYTHING..including laundry! I mean it! I have to take pain meds every single day because of that fall.

    I saw what's his name on Regis and Kelly the other morning talking about those cookies. I'll definately have to try those.


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