Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To Die For

I absolutely love these prints, and if I don't have some, I will die!

Check out all of them and/or purchase them here: Kerry Beary

I'm buying this one before I post this picture so don't even try to snatch it out from under me!

But this one is so cool too!

And the blue ones are too! GAH! I want them all.

I do realize that I have over-used the exclamation mark in this entry. Please forgive me. I got a little excited.


  1. First, you can never over use your !!!!!!! or ....... for that matter. It means you are excited or just thinking what to type next....or at least that's how it works with me.... ;0)

    These prints are just too cool. Reminds me of the 60s or 007 for some reason.

    Well, just got in from shoveling AGAIN, even with a cold. Needed to get over to the mailbox. Glad I did. You are just too sweet, thanks so much for the couple cups of joes. Ours has hot tea, which I think is perfect for me. I've got some more treats to get out in the mail, but however, by the time I'm feeling up to that journey it my be NYE. Something should be on it's way.

    Can't wait to see you new flower pillow, I've been wanting to try one for quite a while. But, haven't gotten up the nerve yet.

    Glad the Grinch is over, is all I have to say. I'm already getting done with all the Christmas colors. So tired of the RED/GREEN and ready to head back to the rainbow. I have lot of yarn stash left......so, I'm guessing there is a pillow coming up soon.

    Hugs Sweetie and thanks for all your encouragement this year.

    Kate - TGB

  2. Those will look so cool in your house! Where are you going to hang them? Does that one print have a Pepe Lepu in front of the fireplace? These really do have personality! I might get the orange one.

  3. Love the new flowers and your butterfly can't wait to see your pillow made from them. It reminds me of spring. Take care friend.


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