Monday, December 28, 2009

Something Cool

I want to make one and I don't even have a cat anymore!!



How cool is THAT?? Looks like they think it's pretty neat!


I left the house at 12:30 today to make a run to Hobby Lobby for yarn. I've been working on a blanket and had to have Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn that matched. They didn't have any. So I made the trip up to McKinney to Michaels. They didn't have one of the colors I needed. Ugh. That's the one good thing I can think of about using Red Heart can find it almost anywhere, even Walmart.

Barnaby ended up going to JoAnn's for me in Plano and got the color I needed. Isn't he sweet? I made him a special dinner tonight for being so good to me.

I also stopped at Petco and got a big bag of dog toys. They had all their Christmas dog toys on sale for 50% off. That made them almost reasonable.

Then I went to Fashion Bug and bought a couple of shirts, some pajamas, a pair of jeans, and some sweat pants. All of the bottoms are are being returned because they're too big. I hate when that happens, but at least they weren't too small. That would have been depressing. Not that I've lost weight or anything. I just bought them really big for some reason. I guess I feel fatter than I actually am.

I also did the grocery shopping. It took me all freakin' afternoon to do all that. I was gone for four hours, and I didn't even stop for a Starbucks! Hmphf.

So there's my exciting day for ya. Can you stand the excitement?


  1. You're just a wild and crazy girl!
    I like that "cat chest" idea but I'd change a couple of things. I'd put the food and water up top above the bed area and put the cat box in that bottom area.

  2. I love the cat depot and I don't have one any longer either. You are a busy lady who spent her day well. I hate trying on clothes.

  3. I found your blog by googling "How to print my blog." A blog post of yours from like 2007 came up... I was wondering if you ever ended up printing your blog and if so what did you use? I am trying to print mine but scrapbookblogger was taking forever! And I tried blog2print, but could not figure it all out... Anyways, I was just curious if you were successful?

  4. Barney in Joann's... he sure is special.. Cute cat bed, but my eyes are swelling up just looking at it....he-he...

    Sound like a great day. Not much to blog about here today, it was another cold/grey day... well get at it again tomorrow.


  5. Hi what a fabulous ides and the cats adorable...and they actually use the bed....mine would try it out and then still lie on me so l can't move at night hehe
    hugs X

  6. I love that cat chest! I use an old Little Tykes Doll House, converting the 1st floor to a litter box room that the dogs cant get to (cats go through the door) 2nd floor for supplies, roof top for dining! They are so spoiled!

  7. ps... That cat house....maybe it's telling you its time to get a kitty?


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