Friday, December 04, 2009

Sickie's Food & Drink

My staples the last three days. The unopened Michael Buble' CDs is an indication that I haven't even felt well enough to open and listen at all.

The Lipton Noodle Soup is wonderful. But you do need to doctor it up with more noodles. I prefer angel hair pasta and lots of it. You can also chop up some garlic in it if you are so inclined. It tastes so good.

Then there's Earl Grey Tea when I want something hot, O.J., and CranApple juice. I usually prefer CranGrape, but I wanted something different. The ginger ale is not in the picture, but I've been drinking it too. Usually I drink half juice and half ginger ale in my glass of ice...always lots of ice in my drink please. And that includes milk.

My roasted garlic toast. I used 8 cloves on those three little pieces of french bread toast. It was really good.
To roast the garlic: I cut the top off of the root-end of the head of garlic, poured a little olive oil over it, and wrapped it up in aluminum foil. Baked at 400 degrees F for 40 minutes on a cookie sheet. When it's cool enough to handle, squeeze the individual cloves and the mushy roasted garlic goodness will come right out onto your toast. It's not as strong as raw garlic but has the best flavor.
A cookbook I ordered along with the Michael Buble' CDs the other day. I haven't cracked it open yet either.

Don't look too close at my dirty house. I'm sick! OMG, my hearth is really dirty. It really shows up in these pictures. I can't even see it in person.

My dogs were all hanging out at the fireplace this morning when I first started it. It was cold. They're waiting to be fed too.
I used the flash so they all had red robot eyes in these pictures. I tried to fix it, but I just managed to make them look creepy if you look too close.


  1. Check that Lipton Soup mix...I think it has MSG in it (a migraine waiting to happen!). It won't probably say MSG. It'll say Monosodium Glutenate or Sodium Castenate or something else that starts with an "A". Anyway...just watch consuming that stuff on purpose. It's really hard because nearly every boxed or canned product has some form of it in it. It's nearly impossible to avoid it completely unless you just only consume fresh food (raw) that you cook yourself and don't add anything not natural to it.

    Garlic huh? Sheesh! I like garlic but don't think I want to consume large amounts of it like that. Is it supposed to cure your cold?

  2. The fur family seems to look a bit sad too. Must know that mommie is not up to par.

  3. I do hope you're starting to feel better.

    Say, I got the same Michael Buble CDs the other day. They are SO good. I also got his Christmas one.

  4. Hope your feeling better today'

  5. Hope you are feeling better today. I totally get the staples, love the juice and ginger ale mix, even when I'm feeling well. At least I see a nice fire going with a few holiday decorations up. Love the hardwood floors. We have those too.

  6. I hope that you get better soon it is miserable to be sick and so close to the holidays. The garlic would kill me I don't mind a little of it. Keep your fluids going and take meds if you have a fever and keep warm. Take care friend.

  7. I have been listening to Michael Buble' alot this week. I really want Norah Jones new CD. and a Diana Krall.
    Poor Baby~ are you feeling any better at all? Good to see you are getting plenty of fluids. Take care!

  8. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Get to feelin better.........I have no heat. BP


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