Friday, December 11, 2009

Pants on Fire?

I made this cute little-bitty bird and snowman yesterday. Aren't they darling? The pattern link for a similar snowman is in my sidebar.

I worked on some ripply goodness last night. Can't wait to show it to you when I'm finished with it...just not sure when that will be. It depends on how diligent I am about working on it, but I'd say within the next few days.

Here is a sandwich Barnaby had for dinner last night made with The Garden Bell's Italian Beef Recipe. It was delicious. He had more than one of these. I sauteed onions to go with it, but my green pepper was mushy so I tossed it in the garbage. I had Italian peppers on mine instead, and Barnaby had jalapenos. Num-num.

I was so worried all day yesterday while the beef was cooking in the crock pot that I wasn't going to like it. It smelled awful to me. I fretted and fretted over whether I should lie and tell Kate I loved it even though I didn't, or just telling her the truth if I hated it. Come to pass, I didn't have to worry at all because it was delicious! Ha-ha. I'm always borrowing trouble and worrying about things that never come to pass.

What would y'all have done if you had tried a recipe someone gave you and you hated it and knew they were going to ask you about it? (I had already opened my big mouth and blogged about the fact I was making it.)

(Just so you know, I had decided I was going to tell a white lie and tell you we liked it, Kate!)

But I promise I'm NOT lying when I say that it was delicious and I'll definitely make it again and again. My pants are not on fire. Can you really ruin a roast anyway? I don't think so unless it's just plain spoiled to begin with. Whatever. I just freaked out about nothing. Welcome to my world!


  1. Thats how I feel about lamb cooking it smells awful but tastes so yummy when done. I honestly think I would of lied. I hate to hurt a persons feelings. I did try a recipe recently that was new to me but have not commented on it. So, maybe I would not lie but just avoid the truth. Love the snowman and birds. I will have to try one of these birds when I get a second. Great job!

  2. Trust me. I don't really put recipes out there unless I know they will work. Italian Beef and Chicago do kind of go hand and hand. Glad Barnaby loved it...or are you both really just pulling my legs. I know one is sometimes hard to stop at. Glad it went well.

    P.S. Scooter had 3 bowls of Taco Soup for dinner last night. Not much to freeze in this latest batch.

  3. I try not to tell TOO big of a lie about things like that because...what if you say you loved it and then got invited to dinner and that's what she served!!! Okay..chances of that happening are pretty small for sure.
    People are always wanting me to try their cookies this time of year...or their fudge. I have to say that I've smiled and swallowed some really awful cookies and fudge! I'm not going to stand there and say that was the worst fudge I ever tasted or that naaahhh I don't like that cookie. It just seems rude. So, I usually smile and say oh yes that it is good. I figure the worst that could happen is they'll give me a tin of it for Christmas.

  4. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Welcome to your world!!! 30+ years! BP


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