Monday, December 21, 2009

More Pretties

S'mo Flowers
I'm making a pillow. Only four more to go! Of course, then I have to crochet the last round behind them to make each one into a square, and then I have to crochet them all together, and then -- it'll be a few days.

Sue inspired me to make some butterflies today. I made this one and a lavender one. I learned how HERE, same as her. It was easy and fun. Thanks, Sue!


  1. Love the new flowers and your butterfly can't wait to see your pillow made from them. It reminds me of spring. Take care friend.

  2. All so pretty and makes me think spring. Just what we need right now.

  3. Great flowers.

    Thanks for the link over to the butterflies. Saw them over at Sue's and loved them. That's a nice easy video. Going to have to make some of these with my leftover Grinch yarn. Probably won't post till tomorrow, as my cold came back late yesterday. I don't think the first one ever really went away, I was just pretending to feel better.

    Can't wait to see the outcome of all this butterflies and flowers. Are you using them all together....

  4. Pam gotta it!
    Really lovely ! I love the yarn you've used here. Aren't they easy ? They just crochet up in no time. I've now done pink, lilac, green, gold and White, gold sparky,
    I've been having loads of trouble with my blog this afternoon couldn't even sign in. You have these days occasionally.
    I'm pleased I've ordered some copies of my blog I always have a terrible feeling that I ll loose everything!

    Love your work and pleased I could 'inspire' you. Just what you need on these cold days a touch of spring!
    Hugs and love sorry it took me awhile to get across to you! X


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