Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Here

Big fat snowflakes are falling heavily outside.
It's so quiet and beautiful coming down.


I just have to give you a peek at the Granny Love I have going on...

I'm loving these colors together!


  1. Seriously, don't send it my way. Ok, maybe just a little so I can have something more to take pictures of. Running out of things around the house. You want a close up of Q-tips, well I have one...chuckle-chuckle...

    Now, about this grannie... girl friend... please, please, don't get carpal tunnel from all this hooking. It looks great. Love the color combo. What is the yarn? Do you like?

    Ooooooooopppps, I smell the Taco soup. Not a good thing. Better run.

  2. I'm using Lion Brand Cotton Ease for the Granny Blanket, except for the white. The white is plain old Red Heart Super Saver. The colors of the Cotton Ease are Seaspray, Cherry, and Maize.

    I do really like the Cotton Ease yarn. It's easier to work with than the Peaches & Cream cotton I've used before and is very soft. I think it has an acrylic blend, but I'm not sure what the percentages are.

  3. Very pretty! You make me want to grab my hook and get to work. Seriously, I'm recouping from all the slippers I made for Christmas presents.

  4. I too love the color combination. It looks huge...you've been working on it for a spell.


    Happy New Year

  5. Those colors have a "Summery" feel to them!

  6. HI Pam thanks for stopping by my blog and bringing to my attention that the link didn't work. I appreciate you posting the link. Love your blog, the blanket love the colors, the ponytail hat great idea and love love the cat cool lounging and feeding station!!! I see you live in Texas are you near Austin?
    I love your doggies too! I love bullies, boxers and pugs! So dare I ask are you volunteering to make a baby blanket for the ABC charity? LOL


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