Thursday, December 10, 2009

I went up into the attic a little earlier this morning and got down the Christmas decoration boxes. I'm happy to report I got them down without incident. I should have waited until Barnaby got home tonight, but I'd been forgetting to ask him to help me get them down so just decided to do it. I'm so glad I didn't bust my ass or break anything.

Anywho...this is the little lighted Christmas Village that my sister got me three or four years ago. She got it at Target after Christmas when they were really discounted and she couldn't pass them up. I think she bought all they had and gave one to my mom, one to me, and kept one for herself. It's my favorite Christmas decoration. The lights are all twinkly and change colors.

I also put up a double-strand of red lights across the mantle and down the sides. I'm thinking that's all I'll put out this year. I'm just not a big Christmas person.

Anyway, just wanted to share it with y'all. Ta-ta.


  1. Very festive Village.

  2. I love your Christmas Village it is so pretty. I bet your house will be beautiful for the holidays. Your getting the cold weather too been extremly windy lots of rain and cold days here too. I hate winter as much as I do summers. I love the spring and fall there my comfort zone. Well take my friend.

  3. That's about all I have out this year. I'm not putting up a tree this time. I just love our fiber optic villages! I asked Mom what happened to Granny & Pa Paws and she said it got broken but didn't say how. I think it may have gotten broken when they moved Granny to that smaller room.

  4. How's the I. Beef going?

    Just wanted to let you know I've now made my 4th batch of Taco Soup. My gardening neighbor called this morning and her FIL had passed away during the night after a long battle with ALS. What better to warm their souls this evening than a batch of your Taco Soup.

    I usually just walk over through backyards, but today being 8, I drove around to get their. Just know your soup is making the hearts of some warm and peace tonight.

    Hugs, Kate


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