Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I did a bit of cleaning yesterday, and when I say a "bit" that's what I mean. I cleaned out this sideboard and moved it to a different spot. It belonged to my grandmother and a few other family members before I took custody of it.

It had become so stuffed with crap I had to do something. It was a mixture of all of my photo albums, photo boxes, framed photos, and just loose photos. I also had some glassware in there -- flower vases, a cookie jar, and various pieces of carnival glass.

Anyway, it's all cleaned up and neatly put back. Now I just need to do the same thing with a few other pieces of furniture that have become storage places for all my junk. I don't particularly like the spot where I moved it, but I didn't like it in the other spot either.

I told Barnaby that we really needed to consider having a garage sale. There's plenty of things I need to get rid of to get this place in shape. I'm quite sure I blew my wad of energy for awhile though. Ha-ha. An hour or two of cleaning and I'm over it.

I didn't crochet a single stitch yesterday. I had crocheted three rows of a new ripple blanket the day before, but I've decided I don't like the ripple pattern I used and I'm going to frog it and start another one. I hate when that happens, but I'd rather start over than spend so much time on something I don't really like, even if it's not for me.

We are going to have our family Christmas get-together next Sunday afternoon. I have several things I plan to make food-wise. A big crockpot of BBQ meatballs, some fudge, a big casserole dish of hot bean dip that I tried making this weekend and was great, and I don't know what else yet.

We plan to do white elephant gifts again. We've been doing that the last few years and it seems to work out well and is fun and easy. If you don't know what that is, you can Google it and read about it.

Guess I'd better get my butt in gear and get out of the house today. I need to run a few errands. Ugh. If I think about it too much I won't go, so no thinking, Pam! Just do it!

Y'all have a good one. Bye.


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    just do it!

  2. Love your sideboard here. Looks so clean and organized.

    Can't believe I missed your last three posts. Sorry!!!... I know I should be... he-he...

    Really nice score on that Swap gift. I have never done one of those. How do you think the overall experience went? Love what you got. What was in your box?

    Sounds wonderful that your are getting the family day out of the way this weekend. We end up starting on the 24th and not ending up back home until late on the 25th. And a white elephant, I always over stress about that "mom" gift.... jealous.

    Have a good one... so much more reading to do today to get caught up...and I feel a cold coming on from about an hour ago...sneeking in...yuck...

  3. Well, I'm just now getting back through your old posts, but I finally think I'm caught up. I love that beautiful piece of furniture. How nice that you finally got "custody" of it! :) I have an oak rolltop desk that I absolutely love, and it, too, has become the "keeper" of all my junk and what-nots. Anytime JC gets wired and starts in on a house-cleaing spree, he piles every piece of loose paper (and loose anything) inside my beloved desk. I'm afraid to even try to roll up the lid because it's so full. I really need to get motivated enough to clean it out. Any suggestions on how to find some motivation? :)

    Otherwise, I just wanted to let you know that I got everything read, and I'm caught up, at least for the minute. I'll be behind again by tonight, I'm sure!



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