Thursday, December 03, 2009

Home Remedy

I'm roasting a head of garlic in the oven as I type this. I'm going to eat as much as I can schmeared on some toast. Looking for home remedies, that's the first thing I saw. But maybe I'm supposed to eat it raw? I don't know, but I'm roasting mine.

I'm pretty sure I've just got a cold, even though I rarely get colds. I always swear it's the dogs that keep me from getting colds. They don't get the human cold virus, ya know. I believe their kisses keep me from it. I must not be getting enough love lately.

Fletcher is really the only kissie dog out of the five. Eli will give you kisses, but only kiss your eyes...weirdo. Sammi will give you kisses, but only if you ask her to -- same with Phoebe. And Abbey has always acted like YOU'RE the one who is gross to kiss and will just barely lick you with a look of distaste on her face. That is, unless she wants something. Then she'll be a little more forthright with it. Mr. Man, Fletcher, will kiss the first layer of skin off your face if you let him.

"Fletcher! Get in here and give your momma a kiss. You've been a slacker!"

If anybody wants to give me their home remedy for a cold, please do. And I mean besides the usual chicken soup and vitamin C. Everyone knows those two home remedies.

That just reminded me that I dreamed I was making tea with my rosemary plant last night. Well, now isn't that interesting? Maybe that was a message "from beyond" and I should try that. I think I'll Google it first and see what the Big Brain has to say.

I've gotta go blow my nose. Bye.

Edited to add: From

Rosemary Tea
Rosemary Tea increases circulation and slightly raises the blood pressure warming the body from the inside out. Internally Rosemary Tea stimulates the liver and digestion, promotes blood circulation, tones up the blood vessels, invigorates, and increases your awareness. Use Rosemary Tea as a mouthwash for bad breath.


  1. Pam, you're gonna need to drink that Rosemary tea after you eat that garlic bulb. Barnaby won't even be able to get near you if you don't use it "as a mouthwash for bad breath." ;-)

    Get feeling better!

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    mega doses of vitaman C. BP

  3. I always run out and buy some Zicam at the first sign of a cold. I think you are supposed to start using it at the first sign though so probably too late to start now. Hope you get better quick!((((hugs))))

  4. love the old natural remedies...we tried manuka honey and cinnamon toast yesterday good for all sorts of stomach problems and helps with cholesterol too and tasted wonderful lol....hope the cold is better soon
    Hugs x

  5. Love your photo on this entry. But sad to say there is no remedy for a cold. Give it 10 days and wait it out. The rest is all purely for your comfort. Sorry, my suggest for comfort is to hang your head over a hot bowl of soup and breath deep. It won't clear the cold but will make your breathing easier.

  6. My Mom told me about this one, I have not tried yet. I think it is for Flu but cant hurt to try for colds too. Mom says you take an onion and cut in half, set in a bowl close by. Apparently the onion absorbs the virus? Said that a doctors office, concerned with the many paitents coming in with flus tried this. Had a bowl or two sitting in there area as well as waiting area. Not one of the associates got sick. When they tested the onion for a virus (did some test to it), it contained flu viirus' a couple of days later. makes you go hmmm. Anyway, have heard before. May be worth a shot.
    ps.. PUPPY KISSES!!! Awe!


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