Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Fun Place

Whenever I go HERE, I can look and look and look at all of the cool rooms all day. I love looking at them!

I hope you do too. Don't say I'm not a giver, cuz I'm giving you this. It's a fun gift too! Have fun.


  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I bookmarked it! You are such a giver! BP

  2. I want them all.... well, except maybe that yellow kitchen at the end.

    I just noticed your new button the right to snag. How did you do that? I want one. I'll put it on mine blog tomorrow. Right now we are off to watch "Survivor"... I know, I know....

  3. I love your new blog and the way it is arranged. I have tried and tried to change mine to a 3 column but it never works out. The closest I got was all the middle on he left and nothing in the center. I feel so dumb. I like your template, I think the way it is in columns looks so organized. Thanks for sharing those rooms with us, very nice.

  4. Thanks for your visit and I too like this background set. It is so warm and welcoming. It will be there for a bit. And I enjoyed spending some time in your offerings of rooms. Oh to have all that room and money. What a home I would have.

  5. This was fun. I'll have to go back and look some more. Too much to look at in one sitting. I haven't found a designer for MY STYLE yet.
    Hmmmm....maybe I don't have a style...

  6. Wow, some of those are pretty cool rooms; others, not so much. I especially like the one with the patio doors open, adironack chairs on the brick patio, looking off into the field and mountains. Ahhhh, Calgon take me away to that place!


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