Friday, December 18, 2009

Flower Power

These are the flowers I made yesterday...

There's nothing else going on. I guess I'll make more flowers today. I can't find anything else I want to do. I have SO MUCH scrap yarn still, I really need to make another scrap blanket of some kind. I may just HAVE to do another ripple. Wouldn't that be awful? ;)

I have lots of purples and blues, and those two colors do look good together. Hmm...I'll have to think on that a while longer.

I'm going to go hide in my bedroom with the dogs while the rest of my house gets cleaned. I had to cancel her last time because I was sick, so my house really needs a good cleaning.

Hope y'all have a nice Friday. Later.


  1. Soooooooo jealous... You missed one time... I have put Liz on hold while all this remodeling has been going on in multiple rooms. I am now 5 times behind. I can see the dust bunnies... ok so they are now big rabbits. I really need my Lizzie....can't wait to get the house back in shape.

    These flowers are wonderful. Are you making garland out of them or a scarf. I can see either or both. Just wear the garland around your neck.

    I have a post just up in your honor and the big BUZZ around here last night. He and I loved them, we got so much done. No wonder they are Anderson's favs. He must need them for all the shows he is doing now... buzz,buzz,buzz.....

    Added to the Taco Soup file of new favs....

  2. You could connect all these lovelies into a scarf or shawl. Would be TO DIE FOR! I made a scarf recently with some and it really turned out pretty.

  3. What a beautiful bouquet you have created. I love making flowers.

  4. It makes me think of spring time I love your flowers.I sometimes get started on them I end makings lots trying different colors.I use them on cloche hats that I love to make.
    I have finished two more afghans one boucle yarn and one in a beautiful wool both vaigated yarns and they made beautiful patterns. And I have a third one almost finished.I have to send you pictures. Take care my friend.

  5. OMG! Those flowers would look so cool made into a scarf or shawl or something like that. How about a cap/hat? I'd totally wear something that cute! I hope you make some hats that we can put on Etsy!!!

  6. Just came up with another idea for the flowers! You could do pillows!!!! You could actually do one side in fabric or crochet and solid back and connect the flowers for the front. Then use one of those premade pillow inserts from Walmart for the inside of the pillow (instead of that stuffing).

  7. Cute flowers! Wish you would send some of that "boredom" up my direction. I seem to be meeting myself, coming and going . . . mostly going (out of my mind)!! :)

  8. I come to look at your flowers to cheer me up with bright colors we have so much snow it is unreal for this part Delaware 2ft enough already. Pammy want some snow trying to get rid of it. One thing for sure we stock up on staples for me and Dad and course miss prissy Sheba. I guess I will have to crochet more. Take care friend.

  9. Lovely flowers! I love crocheting flowers myself and it seems I always end up finding a use for them.
    I enjoyed reading your lovely blog very much and the pictures of the puppies gave me warm fuzzies every time. I hope your knee is better, I can't tell you how many times I've taken a fall over the baby gate I use to keep my Chihuahua's out of my bedroom. The best yet being when I put the gate up across the bedroom door, and for some reason shut the bedroom door, (the gate was on the outside), then while hurrying to answer the phone, I opened the door, forgetting the gate was there...duh, and just kept going right on thru. It was the strangest feeling as the gate and I both toppled to the ground and I was wondering what the heck just happened. It's funny now, but at the time not so much! And that's just ONE of the times I've fallen over it. Sigh. The adventures we have with our furbabies are so worth it though!
    Happy holidays!

  10. Love the flowers Pammy Sue. They ae gorgeous. I love crocheting flowers.
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  11. Hi, just to let you know my entries are old memories. These things took place so long ago now. But I do appreciate all prayers regardless. Thanks for all your kudos. And I love the fish tank also and you can have one too. It is available on gadgets through your blogger. I just added my own background from the Internet and I love fish tanks, always have they are so relaxing. Glad you had fun.


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