Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Gold

These little apricot pies are like pure gold in my family.

My mother makes them on special occasions, usually Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. They take her all day to make since she has to make so many of them. If she doesn't make enough for everybody to have at least one while we're there AND some to take home, the fight is on!

Did you notice Eli's little face in that picture above? I cracked up when I uploaded the pictures and saw that. Hee-hee. He's hoping I'll inadvertently drop some of the pie. That's the only way he's going to get any! (He really does manage to get in nearly every photo I take, doesn't he? Such a camera hound.)

Mmm...look at that golden center and the flakey crust!

Can you see the sugar on top and the bits of sugary goodness that have fallen off on my hands? SO GOOD! These little pies are baked, not fried. They are so soft and perfect. Don't you wish you could have one for breakfast too? Well, you can't! Because they're mine, all mine! I'm warning'll draw back a nub if you touch one!


  1. I will trade a nub for a pie.

  2. Oh that looks tasty and apricot is my favorite too, Poor Eli thought he was going to get a taste too. We ended up with 14 to 24 inches snow here the sun did come out. Well take care friend.

  3. Took a moment to figure out which picture you were talking about. Then I saw it.... it's a Scotty's Place classic. You need to save that one...... still giggling.

    Now about those pies. You must stop,or I'm going to have to start to refur to you as my daily 10.
    Looking yummie.


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