Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coo-Coo for Handmade Garland

My latest obsession is homemade garland. Ever since I made the crochet stars and crochet snowflakes, I want more! I've seen some really pretty handmade garland on etsy and on other people's blogs lately. My home, backyard, and front door will soon be dripping with garland. Ha-ha.

Yo-yos from Backyardprims

I bought these fabric yo-yos this morning, plus some other colors AND some already sewn into a garland.

Here are some pretty crochet flowers that could be used as garland:

Crochet flowers from Foxtailcreek Studio's etsy shop.

It's so fun to surf around and look at all the different kinds. I must control myself from buying them all up.


  1. I've been admiring this British garland stuff for quite a while. I can see it in the garden in the spring, as well.

    So, did you head to H.L for your yo-yos or did you get them on etsy. I really really want to give this a try tooooooo.

    I love to surf about too. Amazing to see what others are coming up with. I really don't know where they are finding the time. Especially, Lucy who's due any day now... Somehow, I just always seem so busy and we don't even have kids....icks...

    Off to check the links here and then another shot of Nyquil and a nap.

  2. Wow thanks for posting my crochet flowers, Pam! You have a really nice blog :)


  3. I bought the yo-yos pictured on etsy and also bought some already sewn together from the same shop. I'm crocheting some flowers today, in fact right now, to make into a garland.

  4. Thanks, Janine! And thanks for stopping by...

  5. Hi there! Take a lookie at "Crocheting my Best with my worsted" Molly got an early Christmas present of some unique garland that I'm sure you would love.

  6. I love garlands, there are so many possibilities with them and they are such fun to make!
    Have a very happy Christmas,


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