Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's the ass crack of dawn. What am I doing up? I have a lot of work today so I'm not sure I'll be back today, but I'll try!

The new template will take some getting use to, huh? I wanted something completely different than what I had. I tried out several different ones before settling on this. Hope you like it. I don't change my template very often so you'll be looking at it a loooooong time!

Have a good one.


  1. I was worried yesterday when I couldn't access your blog. Guess it was because you were working on a new template. Pretty!

  2. I like it... Just keep Eli there... So Pretty!!!

    ~ Susan

  3. I'm liking it. Nice colors and very peaceful.

    I know about being busy lately. I know you will appreicate my post just now. It's right up our sick sense of humor. She is actually not dead, just in hiding for now.

    Have a good day..

  4. I love your new look pretty fancy and easy to read and see it all here. Your fur babies practically jump out of the page at you they are so cute. Love it. Take care my friend be well.

  5. Very nice indeed! :)


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