Friday, November 13, 2009

A Short One

This is the new afghan I've settled on. It's about time. This is how my day went the last two days:

  1. Look for a pattern.
  2. Settle on one and begin.
  3. Hate it.
  4. Frog.
  5. Look for a pattern.
  6. Settle on one and begin.
  7. Hate it.
  8. Frog.
  9. Rinse.
  10. Repeat.

I started FIVE different patterns before selecting this one and sticking with it. I have another one that I didn't frog and will definitely finish, but that's for another time. I wanted one I thought I could finish by December 1st and this is it. It's a free pattern you can find HERE.

I'm not following it exactly as far as the repeats of colors go, but pretty close. I'm also making it a full-size afghan instead of a baby-size.

This is the purple that was on Sammi's face. Evidentally she was eating it. It's the only purple I could find anywhere.

Sorry this is short, but I gotta run. Bye.


  1. Okay, I like the choice you settled on. The colors are terrific together! I'll be lookin' for the finished product in a couple of weeks. :)

    Poor Sammi! Are you not feeding that dog? I mean, for her to have to root around in the garden, poor baby must be starving!

  2. Glad to hear you finally found one you like. I know the feeling, I've done the same thing this week. Some just seem like yarn-eaters without an really effect change.

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy your new pattern. It's really nice.


  3. Your afghan is really beautiful and love the colors. I know how you feel I have started many things that way get get discourage but, you made a great choice there love it. So Sammi was eating flowers little stinker she is lucky she did not get sick from it. Fur babies do keep you on your toes. Glad you found out what she got into. Be well good friend take care.

  4. Thank you for your recent visit, Pammy Sue!

    Isn't choosing the pattern the hardest part. I think you picked a beauty. Lionbrand is such a great source.

    Your fur babies are precious!

  5. Out here we call that plant "Purple Wandering Jew". I don't know what it is really called.

    Hey! What happened to that bedspread piece count you had on here? Hope you didn't give up on it.


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