Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Shopping Trip

I made this Round Granny last night from THIS TUTORIAL. Pretty, isn't it? (The browns are much more brown in real life. They look kind of faded in this picture.) I tried to make it bigger to see if I could use it to cover the round barstool seats, but it didn't work. Hmm...I'll have to work on that. I'm pretty sure I have a pattern booklet that has all round potholders and hotpads. I'll have to dig that out and see if any of those patterns will work.

Stuff I got at Walmart today. Can you believe I bought more Red Heart yarn? Me neither. My nose is itching already. I liked the colors and lost my mind.

I bought the tiny buttons for the smaller birdies I plan to make. I bought the others just because the colors are pretty. Like I said, I lost my mind. They were on the same aisle as the yarn.

Suspiciously, Barnaby insisted I buy a new candy thermometer TODAY. Come to find out, he wants me to make more toffee because he went mad and ate ALL OF IT last night. I'm telling you, that stuff is so good.

I also bought a new lamp to crochet by in the living room. The other one was a piece-o-crap. It bugged me because it was a floor lamp anyway. I always had to move it around when I swept. And I sweep A LOT because of the dog hair.

I hung my flowers on a crocheted chain off a picture in my bedroom. Eli really freaked out when he first noticed them. Since I run several fans in my bedroom all the time, they were swaying a little bit and he was sure they were the KILLER FLOWERS coming to get us. I picked him up and walked him over to show him what they were and that they would not kill us. He still growled at them all night though until I turned the lights out.

That's all the fun and exciting stuff that happened in my life since I posted last. Oh wait...we did have this conversation on the way home:

ME: Would you paint my stool pink when we get home?

BARNABY: Ha-ha-ha!

(Uproarious laughter for the next five miles. We laughed so hard we cried. We're so immature.)


  1. Ha ha ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one in our family that goes crazy and pigs out on candy. Your flower chain is cute. I think it's hilarious that Eli growled at it. Our pets are so entertaining..aren't they?

  2. You make my day you give me laughter which I needed today and the fun just imaging you running around getting everything done. Is not just like a man gets you something because he wants a sweet treat I think that is cute just like a kid. I just can picture Ely protecting his turf from flying flowers. Thank you my friend. Take care.


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