Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Stars & Garters!

Okay, no garters, but...

I swear I'm not posing Eli in all of my pictures. He shows up in nearly every picture I take somehow. He just loves to jump in front of the camera and get his picture taken.

These are the Grandma Twinkle Stars I made this morning. It only took two hours to make all seven of them with bathroom breaks and getting coffee, etc. You can find the pattern and tutorial HERE, and there's also one for Christmas Trees that are made similarly. I would suggest using the alternate Row 3 instructions. I did, but I still had to steam-iron mine under a towel to keep the corners from curling.

I was trying to get a close-up so you could see the silver and gold sparkes in the thread, but it didn't work. Just close your eyes and imagine it.
They are quick and fun to make. You can see them made in Lucy's typical colors on her blog post from thursday.

That's all I've done today. No, wait. I did a couple of loads of laundry too. But I'm still in my pajamas! I guess I could at least go brush my hair and teeth and put on some regular clothes.


  1. Hi!

    AS the song goes.." Can I buy the little doggy in the window" I'll change it a bit and say " Can I buy that little doggy in the PICTURE? " Eli is so CUTE!!!

    ~ Susan

  2. Cute stars! It's hard to believe you could do all those in just 2 hours! Amazing.

  3. I love the stars you made and Eli is a ham likes his picture taken just like a kid would. He also figures since your taken pictures anyway of other things not to forget him too. He looks so perfect in the photo's. Your amazing to get so many stars done in that time. Take care friend.

  4. I was making those same stars today, how funny. I made some out of yarn for a friend, then some in thread for me. I just love how quick they are plus you don't really have to do a lot of thinking with them. I also love your new page, I have tried to do a 3 column but I can never get it to work. I love all your dogs, how lucky they are to get to live with you. Take care.

  5. Don't get me wrong . . . I like your new blog background, but it just surprises me everytime I open it up. I'm used to seeing the brown, and it takes me a sec to remember that you've made changes. :) I know, it's like teaching an old dog new tricks, and I'm a slow learner!! Anyway, love your stars. I'll have to check out the pattern. And, Eli's just too cute. He deserves to be in all the pictures.

    Happy Sunday!

  6. Maybe Elli wants to be a model.
    Love the stars! Very cool! Also enjoy the new background :)


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