Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's Sundee, Y'all

I love these soft peppermint sticks. I get addicted every Christmas season when they come out. I know they are pure sugar and horrible for me, but I can't help it. It's that sugar is the devil thing again. Can you believe it's the Christmas Season already? I saw the Christmas candy being stocked on the shelves the day after Halloween.

My momma gave me this for my birthday. I'm searching for the perfect place to put it. I may keep it inside the house until Spring and just enjoy it. Then I'll put it out front somewhere and hope no one steals it. I can't put it out back unless I want dogs to pee on it. Fletcher would knock it over for sure too. That's his thing, the weirdo.
(I'm too lazy to upload any page dividers that's lazy!)

This is one of the ripple patterns I'm definitely going to make out of the 200 Ripples book I bought. I kind of like the idea of using three shades of purple. Or maybe blues or pinks. I'd really like to make the peach, but peach yarn is really hard to find in a soft, worsted weight yarn, much less three different shades. Have you noticed that?

This is the other pattern I'm making out of the same book. I really like the way this one looks.

I love it in these colors and arrangement. This blanket was made by Tigerdog on Ravelry. I'm still pondering what colors I'm going to use.

Tomorrow I'm going to unveil my finished ripple blanket and his cool new name. I'm working on the edging right now while we're watching the race. Can you hardly wait? Me neither!


  1. You're a nut! I love reading your stuff! Love your neat little statue. I don't think I would be brave enough to put it outside, front or back. It would have to go in a nice, safe spot in my house, far away from racing greyhounds and rowdy 10-year-olds! :)

    The ripples are amazing! What is the name of that book you bought? I guess if I wasn't so lazy I could go back through your posts and find it 'cause I know you told us. I vote for purples or blues for the first one. :)

    Gotta run help Hunter with her science project, which she has been working on, it seems, since school started. It's due tomorrow, and voila, we're still cutting and pasting!

  2. Too weird. Us strange birdies think a like and we have the same book. I'm also eyeing up that #47 grotto too. Crazy isn't it. Out of all of them we pick the same pattern...

    Can't wait for the big reveal.

  3. WOW! I love that Grotto pattern on the bottom. Beautiful!

    What a nice gift from your mom. Will be pretty outside but I think it's also lovely inside.

  4. I have the same book there are so many neat patterns in it so many I would love to make. I love the statue your mom gave you it is pretty your right about that dogs would probably pee on it. That candy looks good. I have not seen that around here. I have a sweet tooth now and then too. Well take care my friend.

  5. OOooo! Use red, black and no...use red, blue, and yellow.......nah...use pink, blue, and purple. Gee.. it's really hard to decide and I don't even crochet! I don't know how you decide...especially knowing you have to commit to that for such a long long long time. God! That's why I can't commit to wallpaper. It's just too long of a commitment! I'm exasperated.

    I like your b-day gift from Mom. Very neat. I think I'd keep it in the house too!

  6. I LOVE the colors on that wave afghan..:-)


  7. Ha Ha! BEfore you said it I was thinking about the statue would be cool in my back yard if I wasn't afraid of Bandit peeing on it!


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