Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eye Spy

It's getting cold enough in the mornings lately that I have a cup of hot coffee sometimes instead of my usual eye-ced. Seems like every year I buy one of these little creamers to try when I have it hot. I'm having this one right now. It's really good. I usually like my coffee unsweet, especially if I'm having it with a food that's sweet. Anyway, I didn't have anything else to talk about so I thought I'd show you this one. I was tempted by some of the others like Tiramisu and Eye-talian Cream, and even a coconut one. I'm a huge coconut lover, but I can't imagine it in my coffee and don't want to.

Do you like my Eli Page Divider? Ha-ha-ha. Somebody is bored.

I'm waiting for my new glasses to be delivered. They shipped on Nov. 3rd. What in the heck have they been doing with my package for eight days?? It's just coming from Californ-Eye-A, so I don't know why it's taking so long. Here's what they look like:

I hope they look okay on, but mostly I just hope they last and don't get eaten by a dog. I'm not holding my breath.

I started another afghan last night after frogging that other one. I'm doing the other one I showed you in a previous post called Shades of Coral, except it's not coral. I'll be using the teal, variegated, purple AND green that I also showed you. I'll show you how it looks after I get 14 rows done and use all the colors.

Did y'all click on that picture of Sammi yesterday? I just did, and she's got something purple all over her nose and mouth. I have no idea what that is! I'll have to go outside and investigate the backyard to see if I can figure it out.

Eye've got nothing else for ya. Have a good one.

(Don't even ask me what's up with the "Eye" thing. I have no idea. It just happened, okay? Whatever.)


  1. I seen some of the coffee mates on TV and thought they were intresting. I don't use milk in my coffee just black with sweet and low. I do however like cappuccino coffee if is done right. I was thinking about your lighted crochet hooks it is the batteries in them if a dog swallows them they could be a problem. I see Sammy has purple on her face I wonder what she could of got hold of. Fur babies can give you more grey hairs being naughty. You know your right their is not any coral yarn that I have seen I have to check that out as I like coral it is a vibrant color. Well take care my friend.

  2. Love the new glasses! I would definately buy those. About the attention to whether you get a headache after a day or two of using that stuff. I can use anything like that without getting a migraine. Of course, first it upsets my stomach...ugh..

    Oooo! can't wait to see the new afghan. Oh by the way...forgot to tell you that I like the color combinations you picked a couple of posts back. That teal with either the purple or the green is going to be fantastic!

  3. Heading off to check the Shades of Coral now. Can't wait to see what it turns out like in your colors... On my post today, it's not about the pattern it's about the colors or lack there of.

    I pretty much stick with the FF French Vanilla and Scooter is FF Hazelnunt. Gotta watch the cals where I can.

    Love the new glasses. Never hear of the site. I usually get mine from .. just reader's, so I'm Ok here. I really like all their choices of frames and they are much nicer and very reasonable.

    Back the my latest project.

    Have a good one

  4. Thanks must be really draggin' in your neck of the woods, Girlfriend! :) I've tried some of the Coffee-Mates, but haven't tried this one. My husband calls me a coffee SNOB, with a capital "S"! I have a hard time with the regular brands like Maxwell House, Folgers, etc. Not that they're not good coffees, for non-coffee-Snobs! I just really have a passion for good, dark, extra-bold coffee, and I like it with half-n-half. Hubby bought me a Keurig for our anniversary in April, and I love to have a cup of "Jet Fuel" to start my days. :)

    Moving on, love the glasses . . . can't wait to see you modeling them!

    I meant to mention to you the other day that I found a very pretty coral yarn at Michael's awhile back. I think it's Red Heart, but might be mistaken. I know you don't like Red Heart, but this is a soft, sport-weight yarn, and it comes in really pretty "jewel-tones", like coral, turquoise, green, and purple. Just thought you could check it out next time you decide to venture out. :)

    I haven't made it back far enough on my dashboard to read all the posts from yesterday. I'm still trying to play catch-up. I'll check out Sammi's purple face.

    Off to read some more . . . . .

  5. I just heard that the Eggnog one is out! Yummy! I actually tried the coconut one and it wasn't bad. i love coconut so, I was willing to gamble with it. It is good but not as a first cup! Start w/ regular, coz it is really sweet.


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